Monday, October 09, 2006

Gorgeous Weekend!

We headed down to our parents’ again this weekend…there was a home football game. The weather was gorgeous! Saturday morning we headed over to tailgate. OU’s College of Business (My degree is Accounting and my parents are both professors in that college) had a tailgating tent with lots of food and drinks. Also set up in the tailgate area where a couple “jumping things” (the big blow-up things that kids can jump in). I spent probably a good hour taking my daughter through them. She had so much fun and she just kept telling me she wanted to do it again. Finally we had to leave because the game was starting. So we went in, and she of course cheered for a little bit...she had an adorable cheerleading outfit on (this is a picture of her with my father-in-law and my nephew, and the other picture is hubby with my son). We were all on ESPN something (I’m not sure which one, not the real one) because of the adorable little kids, and then she promptly sat on my lap and fell asleep! I couldn’t believe it…it was so loud and people were screaming all around us. My son on the other hand wanted nothing to do with sleep, and he needed it badly! So we left a little before halftime. The kids took a nap, and right after they woke up hubby, my dad and my son set off to a little house that my uncle has in the woods…lacking most modern conveniences. So what did us girls do? My mom, 2 sisters, my daughter and I headed to the mall for manicures! This is my daughter’s second official manicure, and she loved it! They actually even did it for free, which was very nice of the guy. After that we went and had Chinese food. It was a great day!

Sunday hubby and I had a long talk about how we really aren’t spending very much time together. It’s really hard, as I’m sure all of you other working moms know, to find time to make sure the kids are eating a good dinner, make sure the dinner stuff gets cleaned up, do some laundry, play with the kids, and have time with your spouses each night. We vowed to try harder, and my parents were around for part of the discussion, and they are freaking awesome! My dad told me “I don’t care if it’s 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, you call us if you and hubby need to go out. We’re at a point in our lives where our students can miss a class or two…you guys are much more important”. He also told me this, which made me smile “besides, we have a vested interest in this…if you guys aren’t getting along, there will only be two grandchildren, and we want more!” He had a point! So we went on a couple walks yesterday and just tried to make sure we weren’t taking each other for granted as much.

OK, time to start some actual work. Just so you know, we are working on our 10-Q filing (for the non-accountants out there it’s the report we have to file every quarter so that investors can see how our company is doing). For the accountants out there, you know that I’m going to be very busy for the next 3 – 4 weeks! So I might not post as much. But every second that I get I will be reading your blogs and trying to post as much as I can!


Amy W said...

Cute, cute pictures!

Glad I work in Non-profit and don't have to worry about public filings :).

CPA Mom said...

Your parents sound like my mom. She is always calling to ask US to babysit because she says we need our alone time!

Good luck on the 10-Q. I've never had to file one but it sounds nightmarish. So you must not be in public accounting like me.

amy - you do have the 990 though and that is a nightmare by itself!

Happy Working Mom said...

Nope, not in public...anymore. I worked for PwC as my first job, and then I quickly realized that it was definitely not for me and I've been in private ever since.