Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Doodlebop Weekend!

Hello everyone! I know it has been forever since I’ve written anything, but I am finally slowing down at work. We don’t file until next week, but the rush is over…now it’s just fixing minor things here and there.

So the biggest thing that has happened since I last wrote was that we went to the Doodlebops concert! I honestly have to say that we had a blast! It was a girls’ day out (my daughter, my mom and me) and my daughter was so excited from the minute she woke up on Saturday morning. The concert was at 4:00, and for some reason, they were having a hard time parking the people…so even though we left at 2:50 and only live 10 minutes away, we didn’t end up walking through the door until 3:40. We went and found our seats and then came back out for drinks and toys! My daughter got a stuffed Deedee, and Doodlebops cell phone (which I had just told her the day before they didn’t make), a program and a coloring book. Before the show Bus Driver Bob came out and talked to the kids and there were some short cartoon clips on the big screen (Little Einsteins were doing something). I was taking some pictures of her and just happened to snap a picture of her just as they came out:

The concert really was entertaining (I know lots of you out there hate them, but I was having a blast singing and dancing with my daughter), and they were really good about letting the kids dance wherever they wanted to. The Doodlebops kept taking a lot of breaks (I would need them too after all that singing and dancing) and there were these “Doodlebop Dancers” which I didn’t really care for, but the kids seemed to like them.

At intermission we went out and got my daughter a pledge flag that lights up. And then the second half was just as good as the first half. The one thing that I thought was really awesome about them is that they really incorporated “Columbus” into the show…our #1 Buckeyes were playing during the concert, and after a couple of their breaks the Doodlebops would come in shouting “we have something to celebrate Columbus…the Buckeyes are winning 10 nothing”! I thought that was really nice of them!

Bad parts about the show: We were in the balcony because I screwed up and didn’t get tickets soon enough. However, we were in the front row of the balcony and my daughter could easily see and had a TON of room to dance. But, during “When the Lights Go Out” the dancers brought 5 kids up on stage to sit with Deedee. My daughter burst into tears because she couldn’t go on stage. It was so hard to comfort her because I know how much she wanted to be up there and sit with Deedee. The other bad thing was she burst into tears again when the concert was over…she couldn’t get enough of them!

Afterwards we went to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise (if you’ve never been to one you have to try it, I love that restaurant!) where my daughter got a cute balloon lion from a clown doing balloon animals while we ate. Then we went home and she told her dad all about the concert and I packed up my stuff and went scrapbooking for the night.

I think she had a wonderful time and it was definitely a GREAT day for me :)

Blogger sucks and the picture above is the only one I could upload. I'll keep trying so that you can see how truly adorable she was!


balloon-animals said...

do you have a picture of the balloon lion?

I like balloon animals.

Can you tell?


j&jberggren said...

I LOVE the Doodlebops! Thank you for sharing the story. I have tickets to take my son who will be almost 3 when we go. It isn't until March '07. I also got my tickets late and will be in the balcony but hopefully it will still be cool! I love your daughters costume! I wanted my son to be Moe but he was Mickey Mouse instead for Halloween!