Thursday, October 05, 2006

It Takes Being Sick To Stop

So my daughter and I have a cold. It's not bad, but I definitely don't feel well, and neither does she. Her little nose is so red from wiping it so much, and she says her throat hurts. So last night, my son went to bed pretty early, and I moved the coffee table and made a big comfortable bed on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows. My daughter then got to choose a movie (very appropriately picked Elmo Goes To The Doctor) and we layed down with some popcorn and chocolate milk and watched it. I couldn't believe that I was actually relaxing at 8:30! That never happens! She watched the movied twice and then it was time for bed. I actually did do some laundry, so I took what was left of it upstairs and folded it while I watched Laguna Beach (It's so dumb, but I LOVE that show!) and then I fell asleep listening to the "Soundscapes" channel (very soothing, spa-like music). Nothing too exciting, but it was good to chill out for a change!

Tonight: Kids in bed by 8:45 so I can watch Grey's Anatomy in peace! Reality: My daughter might go to bed at 9:30 while I'm DVRing Grey's to watch at 10:00. BUT...since hubby is playing basketball tonight, I'm letting myself take it easy and we're getting McDonald's for dinner! I have made homemade meals every night for the past 3 weeks, and I need a break! My daughter will be so happy!



CPA Mom said...

How ironic. Both my son and I have a chest cold too. Both of us coughing and feeling yucky.

He hates McDonald's though. I think BK would be a good dinner for him and his sister though!

Hope you both feel better soon.

Amy W said...

Good for you for the break. I caught the end of Grey's last night..we are going to have relaxing night tonight if we actually get to stay in our house!