Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Warm Weather, Last Football Game, Productive Weekend...

What a weekend!

Friday night we spontaneously had dinner with John’s parents, his sister and brother-in-law, and niece and nephew. My mom graciously offered to babysit Colton, so John and the kids and I headed to Cinco De Mayo and had a really nice dinner with everyone!

Saturday John and Josh had football practice and I started the huge project of cleaning out the playroom! I know with Christmas right around the corner and more toys coming in, that the room was going to get even more out of control if we didn’t do something. So I went down there and just started throwing things away and donating! Then Kylie and I had to leave for our hair appointments, so it was nice to have a break!

After our hair appointments, I got the pot roast in the oven for dinner, and then I went out and cleaned out the garden. It was absolutely gorgeous! The sun was out and it was 65 degrees! The only downside was the wind, but that was OK because I loved being able to clean out the garden in just a long-sleeved shirt! After I was done with that I went inside and Kylie, Josh and I went back to cleaning out the playroom.

Kylie’s BFF Rachel came over and we had a really nice family dinner with my parents. After dinner, Kylie, Rachel and Ryan went over to my parents’ house, my mom stayed with Colton (who was fast asleep), and John, Josh and I ran to Menchie’s :) I love that place!

Sunday we were all up and getting ready for church when my dad calls and says that he’s bringing Ryan over because he threw up. Sure enough he kept at it when he got home :( So we skipped church and I sat on the couch with Ryan sleeping on my lap for a good part of the morning.

My mom volunteered to watch Ryan and Colton so that I could go to Josh’s last football game of the season. So we loaded up the car and headed out. They played their last game in a high school stadium and they won! All of us parents of his team were the loudest cheerers there by far! It was a good game :)

After that we headed home and the kids and I went back to cleaning out the playroom (I said it was a mess!). We finally finished around 7:00 Sunday night with I think 8 bags of trash and 5 bags going to Goodwill! I was so happy with how much we got rid of! The kids were all hungry, so we loaded up the car and headed to Max & Erma’s where all of the kids were super well behaved and Colton ate Mac & Cheese for the first time :) Then it was home to bed!

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Sherry said...

Love all you do and how you always involve the kids. Football games, hair done, family dinner, awesome. Your children are growing up in a loving close "family" home and I know they will in turn repeat what they have been taught. Oh if only your values could be cloned and all families were like yours!!!!
Love the pictures, Josh w/ the black under his eyes, too cute.