Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Fun Tuesday Night...

Last night was a fun night :)

As I was leaving work, John texted me and told me that he was still stuck at work, so I went home knowing that it would be a little crazy and that dinner probably wouldn’t get made right away. So when I got home, I fed Colton and went downstairs to the playroom to watch some hockey by Ry-Ry. As we were down there, Noah and Zora knocked on the door to see if Josh and Ryan could play outside. So I got Colton ready and we all headed outside (Kylie was at gymnastics). It was really pretty out…the highs yesterday and today are in the mid-60s and sunny.

I put Colton in the stroller and I played football with the boys. Josh really wants to get an interception, so I worked on passing to Noah and Josh kept trying to intercept it. Then I played a little with Ryan :) It was nice being outside and getting some exercise!

John picked Kylie up on his way home, and by then it was getting pretty dark and pretty chilly, so everyone went inside. Since the kids just turned in their October reading logs for school and got their Book-It coupons back (and also because we had just had the house cleaned that day and didn’t want to mess it up with dinner :) ), we decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner. We loaded the kids up and went to the only Pizza Hut around that still has a dining room. As usual, we were one of about 3 customers, so it didn’t matter how loud Colton got or how crazy our table was :) Each kid ordered their own personal pan pizza (black olives for Ky, sausage for Josh, and cheese for Ryan) and John and I shared a pizza. We had a really great time talking and laughing and eating!

When we got home it was time for bed, so everyone got ready quickly and fell right asleep!

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Kim3278 said...

oh how I wish they did Book It at T's school. I LOVED that as a kid. It was one of my favorite incentives:)