Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Journey Church's First Ever VBS...

So John and I have volunteered to head up a VBS at our church. We are part of a smaller church (roughly around 200 people) that just started about 3 ½ years ago. We head up the nursery/preschool kids on Sunday mornings and are very involved when it comes to the kids at our church. So it only seemed natural that once someone mentioned possibly having VBS that John and I get heavily involved.

From the get-go I was super excited about it! I found a curriculum and impatiently waited for final approvals from the leadership team to dive in head-first. We have a great little team that consists of two other couples and our children’s pastor and we seem to be working really well together.

We’ve only had a few weeks to plan this…our VBS starts August 1st. That’s 2 ½ weeks away. Aaaaggghhhh!!! When I see that number my insides start convulsing. But like I said, God has blessed us with a great team and some fabulous volunteers at our church, so we should be OK :)

Last night we had another meeting…we didn’t get home until midnight! We first went and looked at the spot where we will have our VBS (Sports Ohio), and then we headed over to the one family’s house for dinner and a meeting. It was nice because our pastor came to the meeting and offered some great ideas and insights that we hadn’t thought of before.

We still have so much to do, but with God’s help, we will get it done. And my only goal for VBS is that the kids have fun and learn about Jesus and see Jesus in all of us volunteers. Anything above that is just icing on the cake :)


Kerry said...

Our kids love VBS! My husband and I take turns volunteering and this past week we had over 400 kids at our VBS!!! We live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Have fun and God Bless.


Sherry said...

Oh the perfect couple for VBS , you and your husband!! You two plus the others you had your meeting with those kids will learn the true life lesson. Jesus, love and family. I know you will be awesome and I know the kids will leave with a whole new look at life. So good knowing you two will have set some of the future generation on the right path, thank you for that!! If only there were more like you in this world, it would be such a happy well rounded place !!!!