Friday, July 15, 2011

Colton Has Left The Building...

Well, maybe not the building, but our room. Two nights ago we had a really bad night with Colton. He kept waking up “starved” and would not have any patience with me as I would try to feed him. Needless to say, John and I were very tired when we got up the next morning.

So last night as we were getting Colton and Ry-Ry ready for bed, John decided it was time to put the rail back on the crib, and the bumper, so that Colton could start sleeping there. He got everything ready and after I fed Colton and gave him his medicine, I put him up there with his little blanket that he likes to scrunch up with his hands and left the room. I went back in about 20 minutes later and he was sound asleep.

So we moved the monitor and went to sleep. He woke up at 2:00 to eat and then again at 5:15. That’s pretty typical for him, and while the 5:15 one sucked because I ended up having to make him a bottle and was up with him for 40 minutes, I would say that whole first night was a success. It was nice not having to worry about being quiet this morning when I got ready for work.

Of course the whole thing is pretty sad for me…another milestone that I will never experience again. If this continues, the bassinette in our room will never again be used by a baby of mine :( And my little boy looks so little in that big empty crib! But I know it’s for the best and it’s time. But that doesn’t make it any easier…

I will miss seeing this:


Sherry said...

Sad and hard for you yes, but best for Colton. And you get some sleep and so does he. It's hard though cause babies grow up so fast!! Look at all your children, wow, weren't they just babies like "yesterday?"
He is so adorable I love the picture!!!

Suzie Kirch said...

Who's Colton? Is he the fat one or the athletic one? ;) I'm joking!! I found your blog again (aren't you so excited??). I'm sitting at job #2 bored so I'm glad to snoop into your world.

I think you should also look at Colton moving out in the following ways:
1. No more ridiculous 24 hr baby music television videos on your tv in your room
2. Colton is one step closer to new milestones like walking (pun intended)
3. You and John are that much closer to your kiddos growing up and moving out of the house (like on brothers and sisters and you can be Nora and I'll be like uncle sal ;) )

Hope these reasons cheer you up :)

Kellie said...

Don't be sad, Mama.

Wait. That's a lie. I am sad for milestones that Jonah reaches, too.

Being sad is okay. As long as you also see the good from it.

Not having to be quiet in your room? Two thumbs up!