Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food For Colton!

Last night we finally bit the bullet and gave poor Colton some “real” food. It’s sad how the novelty of feeding your baby “real” food wears off sooner and sooner with each kid :) I was starting to feel really bad about it, so last night John brought up the high chair and we fed Colton some rice cereal that I had actually purchased about 2 months ago!

He was such a champ! He still made a huge mess, but he loved it, and ate the entire bowl, and screamed when it was gone. All of the other kids have been so-so about the first couple of experiences with solid food, but Colton is clearly serious about his food. At the rate he’s going, we might be able to introduce Big Macs next month :)


Sherry said...

those pictures say it all!! He now has his taste of real food, so watch out. Hhaha yep you might be in the MCD line ordering big macs by the expression on his face. It's like he's saying "I LOVE THIS STUFF" He is such a beautiful baby, like all your family, beautiful!!

Kim3278 said...

In that bottom pic he looks like Joshie! Precious! Give that poor baby some more food for cyring out loud.