Monday, July 11, 2011

Colton is 6 Months!

Colton is 6 months old today! I can’t believe that my little baby boy is six months old…where on earth has the time gone? Wasn’t I just in the hospital???

He is such a happy little boy right now. You can tell when he’s in a super good mood by how hard he kicks his little legs while he’s giving you the biggest smile. He doesn’t laugh a whole lot – you really have to be doing something funny or that he likes to get a laugh out of him, but he definitely gives a ton of smiles.

He loves to play “itsy bitsy spider,” “pat-a-cake,” and “this little piggy.” He loves to have his face touched and he loves it when I take his shirt/onesie off saying “naked baby” and rub his little chest. And I love to rub his bald head :)

I love that he recognizes me. I was just gone for the whole weekend, and when I walked in the house yesterday he smiled so big and you could tell in his eyes that he had been confused about where I was and was so happy that I was back! He also always wants to nurse as soon as he sees me if I’ve been gone, even if he has just eaten! So I know that every day after work I have to come home and feed him. And while it is annoying, I know that it’s his way of being comforted and showing me how much he has missed me :)

When we leave him anywhere he immediately rolls over. And now, if he’s on his belly and sees something, he will wiggle like crazy, and sometimes will pull his little knees up under his butt like he’s going to crawl and get it! My kids have always been on the late end of mobility, so this is making me a little nervous :)

The one area we are totally slacking on is food. We should have started him on cereal two months ago, but the thought of trying to teach him how to eat and having the high chair upstairs again is not very appealing to us. So we will be starting this all soon…it’s just so much easier for me to feed him! But I want him to taste different foods and learn how to eat…

His reflux is still there (I think :)). I’m too scared to ever try to take him off the medicine. But thankfully, it’s very well controlled with the medicine and he’s a completely different baby from that one 4 months ago when it was first diagnosed! I’m sure the doctor will discuss it with us at his 6-month check-up.

The kids all love him and play with him. Josh has especially been spending more and more time with him which is odd since he hadn’t really paid any attention to him until now. Kylie has asked me to teach her how to change his diaper and get him dressed, so she has been helping with that. And Ryan always says “Oh hi Colton” whenever he sees him for the first time after a nap or anytime he’s been away for a little bit.

So that’s my little CoJo! While the time has flown by, it definitely feels like you’ve always been a part of the family. You are stuck with us, and judging by your smiles and giggles, I think you’re happy about that :)


Sherry said...

you are so right, where did those 6 months go!!!! He soundslike such a happy lil guy, but I am not surprised at that. In a house full of love like your, he knows he is safe, fed, clean and most of all loved to the fullest!!!

Kellie said...

Six months already!? Wow.

Don't worry about weaning him off the reflux meds yet. Both my kids had reflux and both were on meds for it. At Jonah's one year well check, we agreed to cut his dose from two per day to one. He is doing VERY well. A HUGE difference was made when he came off formula and went on whole milk.