Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July, 2011

What a fabulous, wonderful 4th of July weekend!

The weekend started off with Joshie’s birthday party Friday night. Around 6:00, family members and friends started arriving for his party. He had 5 friends there to spend the night, my parents, John’s parents and his sister and her family, as well as our neighbors. We ate pizza, opened presents and ate cake. Then we all headed over to the baseball field for a nice game of kickball. I loved watching the kids play! They then walked over to the basketball court and played.

We walked back home and John started setting up the tent (they were all going to camp out) while I sent the boys through the slip ‘n slide to get cleaned off :) Then we went inside and got ready for bed. John got them all settled in the tent and they all went to sleep around 10:30 (I was impressed it was this early). Around 5:00 AM I saw the lightning and heard the thunder and knew this was not good :) John came in and we quickly got all the boys in and settled in their sleeping bags down in the playroom just as the rain started to pour! Thankfully, every single boy went back to sleep until 8:00!

We got everyone ready that next morning and headed off to see Cars 2. The boys all looked adorable sitting there with their 3D glasses on and their popcorn and drinks. I thought the movie was really cute! Afterwards all of the parents came to pick the kids up and we all crashed! Everyone took a nap…except me! Just as I was drifting off, Colton decided it was time to wake up and play/talk.

After nap time we all headed outside and the neighbors and us hung out on the porch. We decided to head downtown to Schmidt’s for dinner. By the time we got down there it was a 1 ½ hour wait, but thankfully it was gorgeous outside and the kids were amazing! We finally got seated after 2 hours and dove into the German food buffet. It was worth the wait!

Sunday we got to announce our first ever Journey Church VBS! So those of us involved got to wear our Lifeguard shirts and went in blowing whistles and throwing volleyballs to all the people all to the tune of “Wipeout.” Then we announced the dates/location/etc. After church then we had a VBS meeting and quickly tried to divide up the first set of tasks that need to be done (we only have 3 ½ weeks!!!). After that we headed home and spent the rest of the day out in the sun with the neighbors. We had a cookout, my sister came in, and we watched fireworks all over that night (so many people were setting them off that we could see three sets from our yard!).

Monday I made some homemade waffles for breakfast, and then Kylie, my two sisters and I headed over to the mall and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We ate outside on the patio and had a really nice lunch! Then we went shopping at Charming Charlie’s (LOVE that store!) and Kylie used her Visa gift card that my sister got her for her birthday, so it was her first “swipe and sign” (of many thousands in her lifetime I’m sure :) ). The rest of the day we hung out with the neighbors and then all went to get ice cream together.

That night, as I was getting into bed, I got a call from our nanny saying that she was in the hospital with food poisoning. I of course told her to stay home and get better, so Tuesday I got an unexpected day off with the kids! The weather was gorgeous! We went to some fountains and really enjoyed ourselves! I was able to hold Colton and stand by Ryan, all while water shot up to my knee area and kept me cool. After those closed down for the afternoon, we headed home and the two youngest boys took naps while the neighbors and I got out the waterslide. The kids played and we weeded the garden :)

After that we decided to go to McDonald’s and take advantage of $1.99 happy meal Tuesdays and headed to a park close by. John had taken the kids there before, but I had never been there. It was so secluded, had an awesome playground (that even John and I had fun playing on) and a beautiful trail through the woods. It was one of the most fun evenings we’ve had as a family in a long time!

So yes, it was a wonderful long weekend!

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Sherry said...

What a cute cake, and then all the boys going to see Cars 2 I bet Josh was one happy B'day boy for sure.
Glad you got them all inside before the rain, and thank goodness they all went back to sleep huh?
Sounds like you had a great time on the 4th and then an unexpected day off, awesome for you, sad your sitter got food poisoning. Is she doing okay? Can't imagine it.
Love all the pic and that last pic, totally awesome. I love all the smiling faces!!!