Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Weekend 2010...

Halloween weekend was great, despite the cold weather!

Friday night we started up with House Church again. We had a fire going outside and cooked up some hot dogs and tried our best to stay warm. The kids all jumped on the trampoline, some of them in short sleeves! After we were done eating and the fire was dying, we all moved inside and the guys played cards while the girls chatted.

Saturday Josh had football practice, and then John took him and Kylie down to the OU game. So Ryan and I were left to spend the day together! We went grocery shopping with my dad, and then while Ryan was taking his nap, my mom and I went shopping. I desperately needed some new clothes…I’ve never had a winter baby before and I was sick of my pants hurting me every day at work and not really having any casual clothes to wear. So we spent 2 ½ hours in the store and a boatload of money. I hate spending that time and money on things that I will wear for 2 months and that I will then get rid of – at least with the other babies I’ve always felt better knowing that I would use the clothes again, but not this time! But so far I think it was worth it…I feel so much better now! After we were done shopping, we went home and picked Ryan up and went to dinner where he was amazing! He played with his toys and ate his dinner and it was such a pleasant experience!

Sunday we went to church and then headed to brunch before Joshie’s football game. The sun was out, and it looked pretty outside, but the temperature was only around 48 degrees, and I just HATE cold weather! But we bundled up and watched a great game. Joshie’s team seemed to be missing something and didn’t do that great. Joshie did really well though…he scored their only touchdown with a very long catch and super fast run. He also pulled 5 flags and ran a kid out of bounds, so I was super proud of him. I so desperately tried to get a picture of his catch, but unfortunately, Ryan fell asleep on my lap all bundled up under the blanket, and I was trying to take the picture with one hand and only got a tiny little shot of him :( My belly is so big that with Ryan sitting on it, I had to keep another hand on him to make sure he didn’t fall off!

After the game we went home and the kids got in their costumes and we got the food all ready for our annual trick-or-treat potluck. At 5:00 we started eating…we had moved everything to the garage with the heater, so it wasn’t too bad. The kids got some good food in them and the adults had a great time eating and talking too. At 6:00 we headed out and by the first court the guys took the big kids and ditched us. My neighbor and I took the two little ones and we had so much fun! Poor Ryan was so sick of getting in and out of the wagon, but he just couldn’t keep up with Zora! They were so cute together though :) By the time we made it around one side of the neighborhood and back by our house, I asked Ryan if he was done and he quickly said “yeah” shaking his head emphatically (we had been out an hour). Zora decided she was done too so we took them back to the warm garage and the fire pit. The two of them played and we waited for the big kids to come back.

The guys and the older kids came back around 8:00 and immediately went into the house to trade candy. I was amazed to learn that John had never done this as a kid. He didn’t understand what they were doing since they all had the same candy. I had to explain to him that they would trade out the candy they didn’t like with each other. When they all poured out all of their candy, I couldn’t believe how much they had gotten! The sad thing is my kids will never eat even close to all of their candy…they just aren’t huge candy-kids.

After they were done the kids got baths and everyone crashed into their beds. It had been a long weekend with a very happy ending!

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