Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mornings with Ky-bear...

For the past two years Kylie has had an irrational fear about being late to things. School and gymnastics cause her the most grief – she is always worried that she’s going to be late to these two things. I say it’s irrational because she’s never late to either of these. OK, there may have been a time or two that she’s gotten to gymnastics as the girls are going out to warm up, but that very rarely happens.

Because of this fear, she gets up every morning WAY before she needs to. She doesn’t need to start walking to school until 8:50, but she never gets up later than 7:00. Lately, she’s gotten up right after I’ve gotten up at 6:15.

So each morning she comes into the bathroom and sits on the stool and watches the news and talks to me. If I’m out of the shower already, she’ll come in and give me a hug and then go over to her stool. She had been keeping coloring stuff in our closet so that she could color while we got ready, but she just took that down to the playroom.

I have really gotten to love these mornings with her. Because she gets up so early, I have to put her to bed fairly early, so the time with her in the morning is a nice trade-off for the time missed with her at night. We have some great talks, and she always gets so excited if Ryan gets up while I’m still there and loves playing with him in my room while I finish getting ready. And this morning she just came up to me while I was drying my hair and rubbed my back the whole time! I was in heaven!

Thankfully on the weekends she sleeps in a little longer, and when she does wake up (and she knows it’s a Saturday), she’ll just go downstairs and watch TV until we wake up. She’s just such a sweet girl and I have just really grown to love this time with her :)

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