Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I often make photobooks (through – I absolutely LOVE them!). I’m so far behind in scrapbooking, and they let me get some pictures together in a very nice book so I at least have something recent around for people to look at.

Ryan has taken a big interest in these books. I keep them on a little table we have in our family room, so he can go and get them whenever he wants and he’ll look through all of the pictures and point out everyone he knows. The other day he pulled out the first one that I made. Since I hadn’t started blogging yet (or was at the very beginning of it), I had written a bunch of memories on one of the pages. Kylie started reading that page and I started to tear up. I talked about Kylie being potty trained and learning how to ride her bike, and I talked about phrases that little Joshie was saying that were so cute. I had forgotten some of them, and I loved reading them and remembering.

I realized I haven’t kept up really well on here with things that Ryan is saying and doing. So I’m going to try harder to make sure I’m updating more often, because between those photobooks and the blog book that I made for my first two years of blogging, I love that these memories are being recorded.

So what’s going on with Ryan lately? He’s freaking adorable, that’s what! He is copying everything that Joshie does. He especially likes to play football (he loves to put Joshie’s flags on and run around the house holding the football) and he loves to play hockey with Josh. Last night we were all down in the playroom and Ky and Josh started really wrestling each other (side note – I can’t wait until I’m done being pregnant so that I can participate 100% with them – I hate that I spend so much time trying to protect my stomach when I wish I could be rolling around with them!). Ryan kept trying to join in, and for the most part, it was fine (I had to keep reminding the big kids to be careful with him). He so often forgets that he’s only 2 :)

He’s sitting in a booster chair when he eats, and most of the time he’s drinking out of a “big boy cup” (only uses sippy cups about 15% of the time). I think he’s ready to be potty trained – we just need to find a weekend that we are home the whole time and can do it. He sleeps pretty well (although not near as good as he did when he had his pacis). He amazed the doctor with his vocabulary and his many-word sentences when he went in for his check-up last month and he is constantly talking, and asking so many questions!

He loves to be read to (like Kylie, unlike Joshie at this age), and will play with the Leap Frog letter thing on the refrigerator (again, like Kylie but unlike Joshie). He is obsessed with trains and cars, and is really getting into Toy Story and Buzz and Woody. He always wants to follow us around. If I tell him that I have to run upstairs to get something really quickly and to stay there, he will already be climbing up the stairs saying “I come with Mommy.”

He knows how to operating the ipad 100% on his own. John can just hand it to him, and he will take it over to the couch, unlock it, and find which game he wants to play. He also knows how to get on youtube to watch trains or cars.

He is my baby, and I love spending time with him. He always puts a smile on my face. The big kids go to bed around 8:30, and that’s usually when John will sit on the couch and watch some type of sports (depending on what season it is), and I’ll head up to our room to watch my shows. Our house is set up so that when I’m lying in bed I can easily see John sitting on the couch. So Ryan will usually start down there with him, and then see me and say “I go see Mommy.” Then he’ll climb up the stairs and sit in bed with me and watch “Mommy’s show” (although he does always try to get me to put Thomas on). And then after a little bit he’ll go back down with John. He usually does this until John or I get annoyed and make him stay in one spot. When he’s with me, he’ll look at me and say “snuggle wif me,” and that means he wants me to face him (both of us on our sides) and put my arm around him. I seriously can’t get enough of this kid :)

Some of his current phrases are:
“wanna pay wif me?”

“what Daddy/Joshie/Kylie/Woody/Buzz doing?”

“that’s silly guy” (about any character that he doesn’t have a name for that looks silly)

“butchacow” (when he’s pretending to be Lightning McQueen)
“me do it”

“Ry-Ry’s house”

“Play ipad?”

When he’s super excited, he starts so many sentences with “so so so…”

Everyone is always mesmerized by his beautiful, big blue eyes, and I’m no exception. All he has to do is look at me and smile and I’m whipped! I love the age he’s at and I always have so much fun with him, even if he can be exhausting!

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Sherry said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh he is growing up and dang using the ipad all on his own wow, he is a fast learner and is "hip" on technology huh?
Your blogs are a perfect example of the love for your family, and I bet your photo books are the same. I so admire you keeping things up the way you do. Keep up the good work.