Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moving From One Stress to Another...

I’m now done being busy at work (at least until Julyish), but unfortunately, I’m only beginning to be super busy at home. May is a very, very busy month for us. Feel free to relive my past May here…I get stressed out just remembering that month! Thankfully, this year is not as bad :)

-Since I don’t really get a break between January and the beginning of May, I schedule all appointments for May. So yesterday I had a bunch of subcontractors come to my house to deal with issues that had arisen over the last couple of months.

-This weekend is not only Mother’s Day, it’s also my dad’s birthday. I have no presents for anyone yet, so that’s something I need to take care of.

-The week after I have my daughter’s five-year check-up, my son’s haircut, my daughter’s gymnastics practice and the big ultrasound.

-The next weekend is my daughter’s fifth birthday, so there will be a party. This party involves me making food and making and decorating her birthday cake. My sister will be in from Michigan for the weekend and my daughter also has t-ball practice on both Saturday and Sunday.

-The following week we have our kindergarten meeting, more t-ball practices, and then on Thursday we leave for our annual weekend trip to Charlotte. This is always the most relaxing part of May, and I look forward to it every year!

-The week after we have t-ball games and practices and it’s time for the Memorial Tournament here in Dublin, to which hopefully hubby and I will go one day (still waiting to hear if I will get my free tickets).

-That following weekend we are hoping to have a Wii party with some friends of ours!

Phew! Every year it’s this way. But that’s OK, because even though I will be stressed, I will still have a ball throughout it all!


Anonymous said...

Whew!!!! That post left me out of breath!!

First... how is your daughter enjoying t-ball??

And second - what is this super business that you run out of your house??

Julie said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff coming up though!

Sherry said...

Wow I am tired just reading about your MAY!!!!
Birthday's, contractors to work on house etc etc etc wow. But like you said, busy but fun.
Just remember to REST when you can, okay??

Rachel said...

I have to sit down now and catch my breath...whew.

Lol, May is always a super busy month for us too!! I hope you don't tire yourself out too much with everything.

Christy said...

It may be busy, and slightly stressful, but as I like to say it is 'good stress'!

Can't wait to hear how that birthday party goes!

Amy W said...

My Dad's birthday is today...always around Mother's Day.

You have a busy month!