Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Day!!!

So today is the big ultrasound. I’m so very, very nervous. Thankfully, I know that the baby is OK because I feel it moving all the time. But I’m so scared that something is going to be wrong…we have been blessed with two healthy, wonderful kids…I just feel like our “luck” will run out. Now of course, my head knows that’s stupid…God will give me the child I’m supposed to have, whether it’s another perfectly healthy one or one that needs extra care from us. It’s just getting my heart to remember that :)

Unfortunately for most people that know us we are categorized in the “crazy” group because we don’t want to find out what we’re having. I know I’m crazy…not finding out is the complete opposite of my personality! But for some reason this little surprise is one of the best for me.

When I was pregnant with my daughter hubby was insistent that we not find out what we were having. I couldn’t believe it…I wanted everything to be perfectly planned out, right down to all the clothes bought, washed and hanging in the closet. I was always under the mindset that I wanted to find out the first one, but the next one could be a surprise, and hubby was just the opposite.

Since I love him and he doesn’t request much, we kept it a surprise. What a fantastic feeling when the doctor told me that I had a little girl! And hubby loved going out to the waiting room and announcing to everyone that we had a little girl!

When I was pregnant with my son I decided I wanted the same thing. And having my daughter go out with daddy to the waiting room and tell everyone she had a brother was just priceless (so I was told…I was getting all put back together so I really have no idea. But the pictures looked priceless!).

So based on past experience this one will be a surprise as well. I want my two kids going out and telling everyone what the new baby is, and I want the suspense that comes with no one knowing what it is.

A Few months ago I met a lady that had three kids – her first she knew, the middle was a surprise, and the third she found out. She said she loved the surprise the best. That’s good enough for me since I’ll never know what it’s like to find out.

But it is still hard every time on this day, because I keep thinking that in a few hours I could know what I’m having…it takes a lot of willpower to not give in a find out!


Anonymous said...

I contemplated not being told what I was having. But, in the middle of my ultrasound, I caved and told the tech to tell me. That I HAD to know. Jimmy'd been saying it was a girl and he was right.

I'm excited for you today to see the baby and be assured all is well. I wish you were finding out so WE could find out, but I think your decision to keep it a surprise is totally cool.

Good luck today :)

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful time seeing the baby's first pic (well, second actually, right?) today!!

I found out the sex with both of mine. But, the next one I will not find out. It will for sure be my last and I want to have that surprise just one time!

Christy said...

I didn't find out, I don't think you could pay me enough to know before. I loved the surprise sooo much!

Have fun today!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'll be saying a little prayer for you - please let us know how everything goes!

Julie said...

I hope everything went well. It would kill me not to know the sex - I'm awful with surprises like that though.

Amy W said...

Hope it went well!!

Kelly said...

Hope it went well for you today!

And we think that #2 will be a surprise for us... hubby really doesn't want to find out this time around!

Kelly said...

Oh, should mention that I am NOT pregnant... but my previous comment might sound that way! :)

Anonymous said...