Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Recap

What a great Mother’s Day I had!

It all started on Saturday…the kids were still with my parents, so hubby and I finished building my garden. It took a long time because he is such a perfectionist (thank goodness…I’d hate to see what it would look like if I were in charge!) when it comes to the measurements and stuff like that. When it was finished we went out to buy more plants and look for my daughter’s birthday present.

Saturday night my parents brought the kids back and my dad and I planted my plants in the garden. It looks great! Now I just have to find some patience somewhere to wait for everything to start growing! After we were done we grilled out a great dinner for my dad’s birthday (since we would be going to brunch on his actual birthday, and he’s not a fan of eating out).

Sunday we woke up and got ready to go to brunch. It was the best brunch I’ve had! All I wanted for Mother’s Day was this brunch! We went to the same place that we went to for my first Mother’s Day, and it was fantastic! It was our family, my parents, and my sister.

Afterwards we came home and had to immediately go down to the lower level because there were tornado warnings, and it was being reported that one had been spotted right by our house! Thankfully we didn’t see anything and were able to go back to lounging around and watching movies.

Hubby had to take my daughter out to get my present…even though I told him I didn’t want anything. He informed me though that I should not get my hopes up because what my daughter had picked out for me (all on her own) was small enough that she could buy it with her own money in her piggy bank. Sure enough, he was telling the truth! She got me cupcake wrappers! Hubby expanded the gift with some cake mixes and frosting, and a beautiful flower. My little girl wanted to make cupcakes with me!

After we gave my parents their presents (birthday and Mother’s Day) we headed off to church. After church we came home and made cupcakes! My daughter did most of it by herself and had so much fun!

After cleaning up I let myself lie down for a while (at 8:30 no less!). After my daughter’s bath she joined me and around 10:00 we drifted off to a wonderful sleep.

It was a great day, and I’m so very thankful for my wonderful kids and fantastic husband!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that she bought you cupcake wrappers!! That would mean more to me than any piece of bling or a day at the spa. How sweet :)

Glad you enjoyed your day. Minus the tornado warnings.

Hope you're feeling good!!

Sherry said...

OH you did have a fantastic week end and day awesome.
Now can you send your hubby over to get my garden finished up?? My hubby is working on it but with his job it's hard to get it completed in a timely manner!! I promise I will even feed your hubby!! :)
So glad you had a great weekend and Mother's Day. Love the cupcake wrappers, so sweet huh?

Anonymous said...

OH how sweet. What better gift than something that basically says I want to spend time with you?
Sounds like it was a great weekend (plus the garden sounds like it will be beautiful!)

Rachel said...

What a sweet girl she is!! I'm glad you had a wonderulf Mother's Day!!

Those storms that hit y'all are the same ones that pounded us for about 5 hours on Saturday night. Tornado warnings were everywhere too! Glad it was ok!!

radioactive girl said...

That sounds wonderful!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

What a great day you had! I love the cupcake wrapper gift.

Kelly M said...

OH how cute cupcake wrappers!! That is awesome! And your right the best present!!

Hmm tornado warnings?? Damn! I realize you are probably used to those and having to "move to the lower level" however, I would be freakin out!! They even mention the word tornado here and I'm completely narotic! I'm glad they missed you guys..really glad!

Edie said...

That sounds like a TERRIFIC Mother's Day!! :)

You deserve it!