Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Joshie!!!

Dear Joshie,
Wow dude, you’re 7 years-old today!  I can’t believe that you’re that old already…where has the time gone???
This past year has been amazing with you.  I have watched you excel in school as well as in any sport that you play.  You have grown up so much in this past year!  I have watched you get along great with older kids (because of how well you play sports) and still be able to play with and entertain Colton.  Ryan, however, is a different story – you still get so frustrated with him!
This past year in school you hit the ground running.  You were reading well above your grade level and math came so easily to you.  Each time we talked to Mrs. Friermood, she only had fabulous things to say about you (i.e. you were such a sweet boy, such a great reader, etc.) and always talked about how smart you were.  While you still aren’t one to initiate homework or start on projects yourself, once you get going you are a smart cookie and know how to do everything.  Your koala presentation was amazing!
You played football in the fall again, as well as in the spring, and did awesome, as usual.  You love that sport and it’s such a nice thing for you and Daddy to do together.  Sundays are so hectic with trying to pack everything up in the morning before church, trying to grab lunch quickly after church, and then going to your game, but we love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!  You played basketball in the winter with Kylie and you really enjoyed that too.  You have also been playing Little League this summer, which has been more fun to watch than t-ball was!  You tried out and got to play up (because of your age you should be playing t-ball) and it’s definitely more fun to watch a game where kids actually get outs!
We joined the pool this summer and you and Kylie and Ryan started swimming lessons.  You were the one I was the most afraid of!  Even though Kylie had never had lessons, she could still “swim.” But you, no, not you…you were scared to be in water where you couldn’t touch.  I tried working with you before the lessons started and it was an epic fail.  But oh my, how you improved the two weeks you were in lessons!  Now you can swim underwater and have even attempted a handstand :)  You got to jump off of the diving board during lessons (your teacher was there to catch you), and we are working up to getting you to be able to do that by yourself!  You start lessons again in a couple of weeks and your teacher (boldly in my opinion) has moved you up to the advanced class.  We’ll see how much you improve those two weeks!
You have finally found the love of riding your bike, so you do that a lot!  You love playing on your iPod, and your biggest, most constant demand would be for an iPhone.  You know why?  Because you want WiFi all the time!  You are on Streak For The Cash all the time and you want to be able to check your games wherever you’re at.  On the way to your annual check-up we had the following discussion:
Me: What’s your favorite subject?
Josh: Gym
Me: What’s your favorite after gym?
Josh: Field Trips
Me: You can’t pick “Field Trips!!!”
Josh: I don’t like homework
Me: You had better get used to it…you’ve got 15 more years of homework – and that’s not counting if you want to become a doctor or anything…
Josh: I don’t want to be a doctor…
Me: Or a lawyer…
Josh: Does an athlete have to do more school?
Me: No
Josh: Good. I want to be an athlete.
If I had to describe you in one word it would be “sweetie.”  You have such a kind heart and I know some day you are going to have girls falling all over you.  You work hard at whatever you do (maybe not as much schoolwork and more on sports :) ) and you are such a joker.  When you smile, my heart melts.  Right now you still like to hug me at school and want me to come to EVERYTHING, even if I’m off chasing Colton during the whole game, you just want to know I’m there…and I’m totally OK with that!  I know someday you won’t want me around, so I’m cherishing every moment of this!
Joshie I love you with all of my heart.  You are growing up to be such a strong, sweet, loving, smart boy and I can’t believe God actually gave you to me to raise – I don’t deserve the honor!  Thank you for being my little boy!  Happy 7th birthday to you Joshua!

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