Friday, June 08, 2012

A Night of Mulching...

Last night was a little unusual in that John had been planning all day to come home and spread out all the mulch that had been delivered that day, and I, had not. :)

As soon as I pulled in, he told me to go get changed and get outside! And of course, as soon as I start to do just that, I am assaulted by Josh telling me he’s starved! So I quickly change and heat up an especially healthy meal of fish sticks, pizza rolls and hot dogs :) I take the food out and lay it on a blanket so the kids can eat. Then I notice that John has unleashed Colton from his stroller…what??? Apparently, Colton wanted to help mulch… “help dirty.”

We got into a good pattern of my dad bringing a full wheelbarrow over to me in the beds, me spreading it all over, and John coming around with shovel-fulls of mulch for hard-to-reach areas. Josh and his friends were helping shovel mulch into the wheelbarrow and then he helped sweep the walkway. Kylie was on Colton babysitting duty!

It only took us about an hour to do both our house and my parents’ house, so not bad at all and boy does it look nice! Afterwards, Colton was down in the garden with my dad eating peas, I played in the yard with the kids for a while and then talked to my neighbor for a bit, and then we all headed inside for much needed baths!

It was a fun night and I loved hearing Colton say “dirty” when referring to helping with the mulch :)

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