Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Another Fabulous Weekend...

What a weekend!

I was off work Friday (along with John who had been off all week) as it was our annual day to go to the Memorial Tournament.  Every year, the Friday of the Tournament, we head to a friend’s parents’ house (right on the 18th green) and sit all afternoon drinking and eating and hanging out with friends.  Last year was a blast as our neighbors went with us and it was a gorgeous day.  This year?  Not so much.  It was cold (60 degrees, colder at times) and rainy.  We ate lunch (inside), sat outside a little, and walked the course for about 20 minutes.  We, and our neighbors (who came with us again), actually left early and headed to a local restaurant for drinks and appetizers…inside where it was warm!
Friday night, we took Josh over to a birthday party.  While he was at the party we went and got John some new shoes.  He has decided that he is going to run the half marathon in the fall and has started training.  He wants to run a marathon before he turns 40.  I can’t empathize with any of this because I despise running, but I’m here to cheer him on!  Then we dropped Kylie off at Rachel’s for a sleepover and picked Josh up from his party.
Saturday morning Josh and John headed off to football practice while I hung out with Ryan and Colton.  I got my garden weeded and just enjoyed the nice, albeit cool, weather.  Suzie was in town (she was looking for a place to live when she moves just an hour north of us in 30 days!!!) and she and Jarrett came over for a few hours.  Jarrett got roped into helping John finish his garage attic and then washing Suzie’s and my car.  After they left, we all went inside as it was starting to rain.  That night Josh had a baseball game, and judging by the umbrellas and people wrapped in blankets, one would have thought it was fall out…it was so cold and rainy!  Towards the end of the game, I loaded the kids up in the car and watched from afar.
Sunday morning we had church and then we rushed over to my niece’s 5th birthday party.  It was gorgeous out!  It was great to hang out with John’s family, but as usual, we couldn’t stay long because we had to get all the way over to Hilliard for Josh’s football game.  They were playing an undefeated team and were worried, but we ended up beating them 24-0!  The kids were so excited!
When we got home, we all went outside to play for a while.  The kids rode bikes, drove the jeep (“beep beep” as Colton calls it), jumped on the trampoline and ate peas from the garden.  It was a beautiful evening followed by a fabulous steak dinner.  Then it was the last Sunday evening of making sure folders were emptied out and everything needed for school the next day was in the backpacks (including Josh’s birthday treat which he decided to take in Monday since he has a summer birthday).  We were all geared up and ready for Monday morning!

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