Monday, January 30, 2012

A Weekend with a Birthday Party and a Gymnastics Meet...

This past weekend was really great!

Friday night was a low-key night with homemade pizzas and hanging out with my dad. Kylie had Rachel over and the boys were playing really well together, so John and my dad and I got to just hang out and talk for a while, which was really nice!

Saturday, my parents came over and watched the kids so that John and I could do some major grocery shopping. We were there for two hours and it was pure misery! I was trying to pay attention to the store’s sales (I despise Meijer…again) and to which coupons I had, etc. It was ridiculous. After that we went over to the bank to get the cash out to give the kids their allowance…it was the end of the first week of their new “commission-based” system. Basically, we are trying to teach them that if you work, you get paid, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid…plain and simple. So I made up a chore chart that hangs in the pantry and they check it off each day, and at the end of the week, if they’ve done all their work, they get paid. Then from that, we have a pre-established system of how much goes to church, how much goes to savings, and how much is fun money. For the savings, they have to want something for at least a week before they are allowed to pull money out of there.

After we were done with our errands, we went home and got lunch and relaxed for a while before we headed out again. My mom and I were taking Kylie to her gymnastics meet, and John was taking Ryan to his first friend-birthday party. My dad was staying home with Josh and Colton.

So Ryan went to his first friend-birthday party and John said he had a blast! It was weird because this friend (Jacob) was turning five, and Ry-Ry is only three! I know people (us included) often forget that he is so young! Luckily John knew the kids’ dad, so he stayed with him during the party and talked to him.

Kylie’s meet was awesome! It was at a high school gym not far from us, and it was considered a home meet. It was Monopoly themed, so instead of ribbons after each event, they got monopoly money based on their score, which they could later spend at the little store they had set up. Kylie had an awesome meet! She made all of her skills and didn’t fall off the beam. She got two nines and ended up with $3,700 Monopoly money. They did awards after the meet, which they usually don’t do, and she got third on bars and first on vault, beam, floor and all around! And this was out of ALL level 4s…not broken out by age! I don’t think I have ever been so proud of her in gymnastics as I was on Saturday…and she was beaming the whole night! We went to a local Irish pub for dinner and just had an outstanding night overall!

When we got home, all the kids (except for CoJo) went over to sleep at my parents, and I was able to read which was nice :)

Sunday we went to church and John and I ended up teaching the little kids because we had a bunch of teachers and helpers out sick. We had so much fun! We always love teaching those kids and I love teaching Ry-Ry :)

After church we went home and did some miscellaneous chores and I worked on finishing up my sister’s scrapbook. I made homemade macaroni and cheese and chicken salad sandwiches for dinner which were so yummy! My mom and dad hung out with us during the afternoon/evening and then left after dinner. Then we got the kids ready for bed and wound down the weekend.

It was such a fun weekend…So proud of my kids and I had so much fun with all of them!

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Sherry said...

Wow Kylie has such perfect form , she is one amazing girl, all her hard work paid off didn't it?
Sounds like your weekend was totally amazing , family, chores, and teaching, can't beat that. I love that your parents are so close and share so much in your lives, treasure that Deb, it's so special, but you know that all ready.
Love your chore chart, it's a perfect way to teach the kids, and they are at the right age. You and your hubby are amazing!!!