Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Night...

Last night was kind of a crazy night…

The kids were off school yesterday for the holiday, and then they’re off again today for a teacher-workday. So Kylie’s best friend had a birthday party sleepover last night, which Kylie went to super early (as in around noon yesterday), which meant that I had to take the present that I had got for her during lunch yesterday over sometime last night. We also needed to get the boys’ hair cut (including John’s), and run over to Wal-Mart for some miscellaneous items.

So John parked in between the haircutting place and Wal-Mart, and he took the boys over while Colton and I went into Wal-Mart. Colton had so much fun riding around in the cart! I guess I haven’t taken him to the store much (if ever) because at first he was really scared…he kept holding on super tight and whining if I stepped away from him. But then after a while he really started having fun and turning around and pulling things out of the cart and throwing them on the floor! For a while he was holding my parmesan cheese and I kept saying “do you have my cheese?” and he would repeat “teese.”

When we were checking out (I don’t know how long I had been in there, but I definitely took my time) I called John to see how much longer they would be, and he told me they were just starting! So I took Colton in to the Subway that’s in our Wal-Mart and ordered dinner for the family because John had a flag football game that night, so he needed to eat quickly! I also got a bag of chips and a cookie. Colton and I sat down by the door and ate our little snack. Aren’t I great mom? My one-year-old had chips and cookies for dinner :) But we had so much fun together sharing the food and talking and pointing :) John finally called around 7:25 and we loaded up in the car, went to drop off the present, and then headed home.

Once at home, everyone ate while I put Colton down to bed. Then I put away all the groceries and John and Josh left for football (Josh was so excited to go watch because the games are at 9:30, but since he didn’t have school today, he could go and stay up late). Then I gave Ryan a bath (he asked me “can I take a bath in the one next to your shower?” I was fine with that so we headed up. He played in the tub (even had the jets on for a while) while I started working on my nails which was nice! Normally I don’t get to do much when he’s playing in the bath, but since he was in my bathroom, all my stuff was there!

After his bath, Ryan went to bed and I finished painting my nails and crashed! I fell asleep around 10:50, John said that they got home around 11:10 and I didn’t even hear them! I must have been fast asleep to not hear them come in only 20 minutes after falling asleep!

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