Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colton's First Birthday Party...

We celebrated Colton’s first birthday on Saturday. I decided to take a very low-key approach and yet stay away from the typical “pizza and cake” party that we always seem to have. So thanks to Pinterest, I found a cooking blog that has some wonderful recipes on it, one of which looked super easy and had great reviews, so I decided to try that one for the party – Caprese Pasta.

So Saturday I took Kylie and her friend over to basketball (my dad stayed with them) and Ryan and I headed out to get balloons for the party and to pick up a couple of outfits for Colton since I realized that I only have summer 12 month outfits because of the time of year that both Josh and Ryan were in 12 month clothes.

After that we picked up Colton’s cake from our “cake lady” (she does such an amazing job on all of our cakes!) and then headed home for naps. I started getting the food and decorations for the party. I made that pasta dish, a big salad and some homemade garlic bread. I also had some chips and dips out for appetizers.

The party started at 5:00 and we started with dinner (pasta was AMAZING!) and then quickly moved on to presents and then cake. It’s sad that it’s taken us four kids to realize that Colton could not care less about the whole ordeal, so that’s why we moved through things quickly…people wanted to get home and there was an OU basketball game on that some people wanted to watch.

When it came to the cake, Colton put his hands in right away, but then it took him a while to really dig in and get messy. But by the end of it, he had it all torn apart and was a complete mess. A bath was definitely necessary!

All-in-all it was a great first birthday party. It was great to see everyone and hang out!


Sherry said...

I so love the pictures!! The one of Colton w/ that smile is my favorite the 12th one down, but actually LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. Smart to have a low key party, didn't over tire Colton or yourself. You will have to share the pasta recipe. I have pinterest but yeah haven't navigated it much.
glad his party was a success and yep his cakes awesome to say the least.

Kellie said...

Love the series of him with his cake! Can't believe he is one already...went by so fast!!

Kim3278 said...

I love the ones with him and the cake. Priceless. He seemed to do just fine with that process.:)

Kim3278 said...

ps...who does your cakes???