Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Very Heavy Heart for an Old Friend...

I had a really good friend in junior high (at church, not at school). Actually, there was a group of us that did so much together...we practically lived at church. We saw each other three times per week, went on missions trips together and of course tried to hang out outside of church as much as we could (it was hard because our church was huge and I lived 1/2 hour away from it, and most of my friends lived in the opposite direction).

Anyway, a few months ago I reconnected with this one friend on Facebook. I had read that she had moved out to Denver and had gotten married and had two adorable little boys. She posts quite frequently on FB and has a blog, so I always felt like I knew what was going on in her life. Her husband looked a lot like her, so their kids looked very much like both of them. Their family pictures were gorgeous - all with roughly the same hair color and such similar faces!

A couple of days before Christmas she had posted that her husband was sick and that Christmas was not going to be quite the same this year and she was bummed about it. I felt bad because I know how hard I tried to keep our family healthy over the holidays this year because being sick over Christmas sucks! And then on 12/23 I saw this FB post from her "my husband died in my arms this morning. I have no words."

I had to re-read that so many times because at first, my mind left out the "died" part, so I thought this was a post about how he was better and she could be with him (he had been quarantined). But then when I re-read it and computed what she was saying, I was hit hard. John just happened to come upstairs by the computer at this time and I told heart was so heavy. This is something that happens to other people, not people I know. This is something that happens to older people, not a girl that is just a few days older than me and to a couple that has been married about the same amount of time as John and I. How could this happen?

I read her blog post this morning about that horrible morning for her, and I cried. Right here at my desk at work, I cried. I started to think about how I would react in that situation...if John collapsed on me. He is my rock...he is the strong one of the family...I can't even imagine what I would do if the person that was the one who held us up and took care of us suddently needed to be saved.

So hug your husbands/wives a little tighter today, and tomorrow, and the day after, because you really never know when it might be your last hug. And please pray for my friend Tricia...I'm sure she needs so many prayers right now.


Sherry said...

Oh Deb, wow as I right this through the tears at the loss of your friends husband and your anquish and sorrow for her. I don't even know her, read her blog and oh my gosh, both Ron and I are heartbroken for what she and her family are going through and have been through.
Words for you and your sorrow, I really don't have any, just remember her cards she read and the comfort the words brought her.
I am praying for your friend Tricia and her famiy, for you and yours and like both Ron and I said, we so treasure each other but really there are days we take each other for granted, like we will live forever. No one does and we so need to start filling our days with even more love for each other and all mankind.
My heart is aching with you Deb and please know our prayers are reaching across country to you and to your friend.
So so sorry!!!

Amy W said...

Crying at my desk at work....