Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011...

So here I am...it's 7:50 AM on January 11, 2011 and I'm having a baby!

This morning Ryan woke up around 3:15 and I never went back to sleep (and this after going to bed at 12:15 AM!). So I got up around 3:50 and got ready. I made sure I ate breakfast before I left this time (in case I have a long day like I did with Ryan).

We left the house around 5:10 and went through Krispy Kreme (had to get the nurses some donuts!) and got to the hospital around 5:35. We checked in (super nice ladies up front), but they were really busy last night/early this morning, so we had to sit and wait for a nurse (they had a room ready for us, but no nurse).

They finally called us back at 6:20 and we got the process going. By 7:00 AM I was hooked up and medicine was flowing. The baby's heartbeat is staying around 140 which is where it's been this whole pregnancy, and I'm not really showing any signs of contractions yet. The plan is for me to get my epidural in an hour and then break my water then too. When the nurse checked me I was about 4 cm, so that's a good start!

My room set up is the same as the rooms when I had the boys, so I'm guessing boy based on that :) I am super excited to find out if our family will be evened out or if the boys will truly take over :)


Kellie said...

You guys are so cute :)

You are beautiful, my friend!!

Sherry said...

I am sooooooooooo excited. Dang the time difference haha I feel like I am behind and not "with" you both!!!
Yeah a great day and I love the pics !!!