Thursday, January 06, 2011

38 Week Appointment...

Weight: 166 lbs. (I was at a different office and have concluded the scales are slightly different)
Total weight gain of 48 lbs. Yikes!
BP: 122/80
HB: 140
Dilated: Still "a good 3 cm"

This was my last pregnancy appointment...EVER! I have to admit it was kind of sad. While I will never miss being huge and not being able to get around (and all the other "joys" of pregnancy), it is still so sad when a chapter in your life is ending, and for us, the chapter of child-bearing is definitely ending.

Everything is all set for next Tuesday morning. My doctor gave me a copy of my orders, as well as my customary copy of my chart to keep in the baby's box. I'm excited because starting tomorrow, our days are going to be filled (house church tomorrow night, basketball practice and Kylie's meet on Saturday, a birthday party for one of Kylie's good friends on Sunday) and they will go by so quickly! The only thing bothering me is that we still haven't decided on a girl name! We have it narrowed down, but we really have to make the final decision!

While I'm obviously done being pregnant (I'm so freaking miserable!), I'm trying to enjoy my last couple of days without a little one attached to me. When I get up in the middle of the night to pee I can go right back to sleep - I don't have to feed someone and hope they go back to sleep. My schedule does not revolve around a little person right now and I'm really trying to enjoy that. But I will be so glad to get my energy back. I hate that I can hardly carry Ryan upstairs anymore - it just takes too much out of me! I hate feeling like such a lazy person...I can't wait to get back to normal!


Kellie said...

It IS sad, right?! When I had Jonah in June of 2010, I knew it was closing the chapter on my child-bearing days. While I don't feel sad for the children I won't have, I feel sad my body will never create life again.

I am so excited for this baby to be here! Try, if you can, to keep us updated?!

And? I think Kellie is a great name. Just sayin' ;)

Sherry said...

yeah all set for Tues the 11th, see it is going to be an awesme year.
I understand your sadness but remember you will have 4 beautiful children and a full house plus a house "full" of love, so all is good.