Thursday, December 30, 2010

37 Week Appointment...

BP: 104/70
Weight: 163 lbs. (I actually lost 2 lbs., and over Christmas no less!)
HB: 138 BPM
Dilated: "a good 3 cm"

I had a non-eventful appointment doctor is on vacation so I saw one of the other doctors, which I always hate, just because I love my doctor. I signed my induction consent, which was good :) We'll see what she does with me at my next appointment - last time she said that there's a possibility of her breaking my water in the office and sending me over, and with me dilating at least 1 cm each week I could see her doing that. It all depends, I think, on how worried about the size of the baby she is. We'll just have to wait and see :)


Sherry said...

good appt for you and losing 2 lbs, see you young girls these days!! Now losing before you have the baby, wow. The days he/she is born you will be your thin self once again!!! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, which I know you did, what with your loving family how could you not!!
glad things are going great with your new soon to be arrival!! Take care it's almost over!!!

Organized Working Mom said...

Wow, great appointment...if you're already 3cm it doesn't sound like you'll have long to wait for your new arrival! Good luck : )

Kellie said...

I smell new baby!! :)