Thursday, December 23, 2010

36 Week Appointment...

Weeks: 36
Weight: 165 lbs.
BP: 106/70
HB: 140 bpm
Dilated: Almost 2 cm and baby's head is low!

I had a great appointment yesterday! She was double-booked a it was her only day working this week, but she still took the time to sit and talk with me about our upcoming baby. Thankfully my body is getting ready to evict this little thing! When she checked me she said "the baby's head is nice and low, but you probably could have told me that" and she was right! I have had so much pressure and pain that I hope something was going on in there!

We have set an induction date, which is very nice...1-11-11!! So if nothing happens sooner, I will go in that morning to have my baby...less than three weeks away!!!


Kellie said...

1/11/11 is AWESOME!

Even more awesome? The fact that he/she is moving into position to vacate the premises!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend!

Sherry said...

Grrr where did my first comment go??
I was saying awesome date and very easy to remember!!
Soon he/she will be in your loving family, receiving all the TLC that your family is noted for!!
Merry Christmas to you , have a wonderful day!!

Kim3278 said...

Ack! Three weeks! I know you must be so ready. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Much as I hope you don't have to wait to be induced, what a fantastic birthday that little guy or girl could have!!!!

On second thought... cross those legs and hold him/her in!!