Thursday, December 09, 2010

34 Weeks...

I had my 34 week appointment are my stats:

Weight: 163 lbs (that means a 45 lb. weight gain so far)
BP: 110/70
HB: 145

I had heard from my sisters-in-law who had just delivered at the hospital that I normally deliver at their husbands had to leave the room when they got their epidural. This is a huge deal for me because I HATE needles, and John really helps me through any shots/ivs that I need. So I talked to my doctor about it yesterday and she said that my hospital has had a lot of changes lately that really take control away from the doctors. The hospital now has policies on how much pitocin they will give, how long they will let you labor, etc. This really ticks me off because I want my doctor making those decisions, not a hospital that knows nothing about me! So We will be touring another hospital next week, and I'm thinking I might deliver there because my doctor said that they still let the doctor control everything. I talked to my friends last night and they all seemed to have good experiences at this other hospital, so I'm not too worried, but as with anything, change does stress me out a little.

But either way, I will have a baby in the next 4 - 5 weeks, which is really just freaking me out because I'M NOT READY!!! Yeah...still no girl names...


Sherry said...

I have to agree w/ you about the doctor making the decisions and making the change to the other hospital is a smart move on your part.
WOW delivering in 4 - 5 weeks all ready. I know , don't slap me, tee hee, but really this one did seem to go by super fast. Easy for me to say huh?
You will be ready by the time your baby arrives, so hey "no stress" :) k???
Have a great day!!

Kellie said...

I can say it because it's not MY uterus, but's gone by REALLY fast.

Also? I apparently REALLY like to ALL caps this evening. ;)

Anonymous said...

Getting closer and closer...!!!!!!!