Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was such a blur, and yet so fun!

Friday night was the kids’ school’s night for a tailgate at the high school game. We went over there with our neighbors and had some bad food but good company :) After that was over, the husbands and the older kids stayed for the game, and my friend and I took the little ones home to play. They had so much fun playing together all night!

Saturday we went to Joshie’s football practice and I ran to the grocery store. Then we ran to Sam’s club to get snacks for 300 people :) That night, our church was bringing in David Pendleton, who is a well-known Christian ventriloquist. He, along with some people from church, were also coming over to the house for dinner, so I had a day full of cooking ahead of me!

We spent the rest of the day cooking and getting the house ready for all of the people (there were 18 in total). We had a great dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and applesauce (brought by one of the guests) and apple pie for dessert. While it was a lot of work and my feet really hurt afterwards, I had a lot of fun getting everything ready.

Then we headed out to the show and it was wonderful! He was so funny and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. We helped get things cleaned up and didn’t end up leaving the church until around 10:00.

Sunday we went to church and then headed out to Joshie’s first football game. While we were super excited to watch him play, we were not excited about being outside…it was FREEZING! We got hot chocolates for everyone (our Tim Horton’s Sunday Football Tradition), but that wasn’t enough to keep us warm! The wind was blowing and Ryan kept crying and saying “it’swindy.” The hot chocolate at least helped take the edge off of his being cold, but he ended up spilling so much down the front of him that I’m still trying to get it out of his clothes!

The Bears (Joshie’s team) ended up winning, so at least there was one bright side to an otherwise miserable hour and a half :) After the game we stopped and got some tortilla soup from Max and Erma’s and headed home. John and I finished cleaning up from the night before, and Ryan played some more with Zora. I got to watch a movie with Kylie and then we worked on some homework with both of the kids. Other than doing laundry all day, it was a wonderfully lazy day!

This week has been pretty busy…and it’s still been pretty cold, so we haven’t been outside much at all. Starting today, and going through the beginning of next week, it’s supposed to really warm up and be nice…we might even get to 80 degrees this weekend! So hopefully we’ll get to spend a lot of time outside and the kids can see their friends again :)

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Sherry said...

Brrr just thinking of the wind at Josh's game is making me cold!! Fall is in the air huh?
sounds like you have been super super busy wow, where on earth do you get your energy???
Was glad to read that you did get time to relax long enough to watch a movie.
Like I have said many many times, I love hearing about all you do your family is the best!!