Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend Recap...

Last Friday we headed down to Athens for OU Homecoming. It was such a whirlwind trip...we got to my parent's house and ate a late dinner and went to bed, got up early the next morning and went to the parade, then went to the football game, and then came home. I was exhausted!

We had two missions while we were down there: 1.) get a coming home outfit for the baby, and 2.) get the annual picture of the kids walking towards Baker Center. We got the picture, but when it came to the outfit (the thing I was most concerned about), I couldn't find anything! This is the first time I will have to buy a sleeper for the baby, as opposed to a onesie (since it is my first winter baby), and they had so many cute onesies, but only one sleeper and I thought it was ugly :( I guess I'll have to keep looking online and hope they come out with something in the next couple of months!

Sunday we went to church and then off to Joshie's football game. The weather was absolutely perfect! The Bears lost, but they played so well and played a really good team.

Here are the old pictures:

Here are the new ones (and yes, Ryan is wearing the jersey that Josh was wearing in the previous pictures):


Sherry said...

Hang in girl, don't stress!! I know you will find the perfect home coming outfit for the baby!! :)
And well dang what can I say??!!! Really just that your family is PERFECT in every way. I mean seriously just look at each and every picture on here, perfect!! The smiles and love for one another just jump right off the page. Love the pics and now rest up after your football filled weekend!!!

Kellie said...

You look fantastic!

Love your family--so beautiful.