Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recap of Kylie's Birthday...

What a fun birthday Kylie had!

I again copied from this cool lady and wrote out 7 birthday love notes that I went around and hid the night before. I taped the first one to my bedroom door because every morning she wakes up while I’m still getting ready and comes in and hangs out with me, so I knew she would see it there :) She ended up finding all of her notes before she left for school.

I decided to take ½ day off so that I could surprise her and pick her up from school, and so that I could get an early start on her special birthday dinner. So I got home and was able to play with Josh and Ryan all afternoon. We also decorated for Kylie’s birthday with streamers and balloons. Ryan LOVED the balloons!

Kylie was super surprised when I picked her up! As soon as we got home we started right in making her special dinner. Her request was fried chicken (which was always my request when I was little) and watermelon. So she and Josh helped me make the coatings for the fried chicken and got them all ready to go so they could sit out for a while before frying them.

While I was getting everything ready for dinner, the kids all played (mostly with the balloons) and my mom helped watch Ryan. We finally sat down to an awesome feast! We had some of the best fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and watermelon. It really was a wonderful dinner!

After dinner we got everyone bathed and then it was time for cake! Kylie had picked out these little chocolate mousse cakes that tasted so good! After cake Kylie opened her presents. She only had a few to open because we are having a joint birthday party for her and Josh in June, and most people have opted to wait and giver her their presents then. She opened a present from my mother-in-law that she adored! It was a wallet that she had wanted with some money in it and a McDonald’s gift card. She really loved it! Then she opened our present, which unfortunately was just a picture because it hadn’t gotten there yet! John and I are going to redo her room this Saturday, so I had a picture of the bedding I had ordered her and she loved it! Josh and Ryan got her a sheet set to go with her new bedding :)

After all that the kids played a little more and then it was bed time. They all crashed fast and hard! John met with his co-coach and neighbor to talk about t-ball and I got to just relax and watch a little TV.

It was a great birthday! I forgot my memory stick, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures tomorrow :)

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Sherry said...

You are one fantastic super mom!! You made Kylie's day so special I know she will remember that forever!!