Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures From Kylie's Birthday...

Here are a couple of pictures from Kylie's birthday the other day:

Us singing to Kylie (that is her diet Coke in the picture - she asked me so sweetly since it was her birthday if she could have diet could I say "no?"):

Kylie opening the cool wallet from Grandma. She absolutely adores that thing! All of her allowance money went right into it!

Kylie opening the picture of the bedding set we ordered her:


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the bedding set. Why, you ask? It's the same one for Morgan's room. Now, we're taking bets on what arrives first: the full-size mattress/box spring or the bedding set.

Sherry said...

Oh what a sweetheart she is, looking so happy and grown up huh? Her expressions are priceless. I love her bedset too, great choice.
the pic of the 3 together is just beautiful!!