Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Dear Kylie,
Today you are 7 years old. 7 years ago right now I was lying in a hospital bed wondering when I would get to meet you! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by…I look at pictures of you when you were younger and I feel like it was just yesterday. Right now I’m looking at a picture from your first trip to Disney, which was only 2 ½ years ago, and you look like such a little girl compared to how you look now!

You are an amazing little girl. Everyday you come up with new ideas or thoughts and I just sit back amazed. And you spoil me…I rarely have to help you with any of your schoolwork because you either already know how to do everything, or you take the initiative and work on the stuff by yourself. You just did a presentation on koala bears, and I was so proud of you because you got on the internet by yourself and googled “koala bears” (which you thought was the neatest thing to do) and did the whole project completely by yourself! I’m still so proud and amazed! If we could just work through your frustration when you don’t know how to do something, I think school will always be a very easy thing for you.

You are a fabulous big sister. Last night you told Joshie he could sleep with you, even though you like to sleep in your room by yourself, just because he was sad. You guys laugh together and play together and have a really good relationship. And you with Ryan? Amazing! You watch over him so well and are such a huge help to me with him. You hug him and kiss him (even when he screeches “Noooo”) and play with him when I need to get something done. Last night you voluntarily shared your mint ice cream with him, just as you share a lot of things with him. You are great about running and getting me something I need when I’m in the middle of changing his diaper. He looks up to you and loves you so much because you are so great with him!

You are doing great in gymnastics. You have joined the Scarlet and Grey team, so you will start competing next fall, which is super exciting! You have Miss Laura for a teacher, who is your favorite, and you practice with all levels, which I think has been motivating for you. But you also like to do a lot of chit-chatting during practice :) Right now you’re working on your mill spin and you’re so close! You do your back handspring with a light spot and you’re doing handstands on the beam. You love to go to practice each week!

You still love to snuggle, and you love “mommy-time.” We love watching Supernanny together and you tell me all about your friends and boyfriends :) I love listening to you read to me because you’re such a great reader. And of course you love it when I jump on the trampoline with you!

Thank you for being my daughter princess…I love you more than you’ll probably ever know. I hope you have a very happy 7th birthday and that this next year is even better than the past 7!



Sherry said...

that is so beautiful. I do hope your print it and put this in her "baby book" she will truly treasure this all her life , especially when she is older.
Happy Birthday Kylie

Amy W said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!