Thursday, September 04, 2008

Making Progress...

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday…yippee!!!

You know what that meant??? My first internal exam (not so yippee, but at least I got to see if I was progressing at all).

According to the doctor I am “a good 1 cm dilated and the baby’s head is really low.”

Yippee!!!! That means no c-section!!!

She is also going to schedule my induction and will let me know what time I need to go in on the 20th at my appointment next week.

So we’re on our way!!!

On a completely separate topic, today was my day to take my daughter to school. I love these mornings! I get to sleep in a little and then spend some good time with the kids as we eat breakfast and get ready for school. A super bonus about today was that hubby had finished with a client close to home and surprised us and came home to walk her to school too! So we really had some fantastic family time this morning.


ktjrdn said...

On the 20th? wow, it's getting so close!

Julie said...

Wow, that little sweet baby will be in your arms in no time!

Anonymous said...

Wow. How did this go by so fast!! Yay for no c-section!

It's funny though, since I'm high risk my internal exams started with Jeffrey at about 18 weeks and with this one we're waiting until 22 before we start. woo hoo :)

36 weeks just seems so amazingly long to me. So glad everything is progressing nicely!

Also, yay for the good family time this morning. It's always so nice when everything unexpectedly comes together.

Rachel said...

I cannot believe you are 36 weeks already! Time flew by!! Well, maybe not for you, lol.

So, the 20th works well for me. I don't go out of town until the
27th, so that gives you plenty of time to have the baby and take pics and post them or email them to me, mmmkay.

Sherry said...

Counting down now I bet huh? The last few weeks will fly by especially with the fun family time and walking your daughter to school!! That is so neat to read about , you know I love it, it's so much better than mmm well hearing the birds on a beautiful morning. Family mean EVERYTHING to me and you have the model family with one more to join the wonderful home of yours!!

Daddy Dan said...

Four more weeks!

I can't believe how fast the time's gone by (but probably not for you!). Best of luck that everything goes perfectly and that you don't have to have a c-section.

Christy said...

Oh, I am so excited! I can't wait to meet your new little one. I would just kill to be 36 weeks, just so I could be so close to the end.

Just out of curiosity how is your son adjusting to your daughter being i school and not with him all the time?