Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a Good Thursday!

I’m in such a good mood right now! I just had my last real meeting for work, and hubby gave me the Mama Mia soundtrack, which I listened to the whole way to work and am listening to right now :) There’s just something about musicals that put me in a good mood!

Last night was gymnastics for my daughter. She was doing fantastic jumps on the beam! I felt bad for her though, because she is by far the smallest girl in the group, and they were doing stuff on the high bar and on the rings, and you have to lean way over to grab those things and she was just too short! The teacher would have to come over each time and help her out. But once she got on them she had a blast! She even rung the bell for the first time because she did something new (they get to ring a bell when they do something by themselves for the first time and everyone in the gym claps for them).

Afterwards my sister and her boyfriend came over to play with the kids so that we could run to the store and then sort through some baby clothes. They were such a huge help! Hubby and I got through a bunch of stuff and thankfully the car seat has now been brought out and was washed and is currently drying. So we’re getting closer to being ready (I mean come on, we still have 42 hours until we have to be at the hospital…plenty of time, right?).

Now off to finish my work so that I can be ready to get out of here at 1:30 tomorrow!!!


Sherry said...

42 HOURS wow, bet you never thought this time would come huh? Soon you will be mommy to THREE !!!!
Mama Mia soundtrack is a hit over in this area too, my daughter and granddaughters play it constantly!!! Glad you got it cause the songs are great huh? Yep musicals are awesome and trust me I never used to feel that way. I caved, so to speak when my daughter and granddaughter got hooked and now granddaughter's boyfriend is in alot of them at the 6th Ave theater. Yep I do like them but shhhh don't want them to really know :)
Glad you got clothes sorted, car seat ready and now it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!

Julie said...

i have a busy day at work tomorrow so while i am thinking of it i want to wish you well on saturday. i'm sure all will go well and can't wait to hear all about the baby!

Rachel said...

I can't believe it's almost Saturday!! I wish you the best of luck!!!! Can't wait to see him/her!!