Friday, March 28, 2008

Update on Little Girl, New Baby and Me!

I thought things with my daughter were going better, until the nanny told me yesterday that she was repeating it all again. So hubby talked to her last night. I’m still not sure if she’s getting it, but we’re trying. Thank you for all of your suggestions…I’m going to try everything I can!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time (it’s amazing how no matter how many kids you have, the first time you hear each baby’s heartbeat is so amazing!). It was 160. I can’t remember exactly, but I believe my daughter was always in the 160’s or 170’s, and my son was mostly in the 150’s. Hey, I’ll take any signs I can :)

I’ve been feeling really tired lately and my morning sickness still hasn’t gone away. I had a great talk with the doctor about the different medicines I’m on (for morning sickness and other ailments this pregnancy has brought me), and how I’m so worried that they’re affecting the baby. She comforted me and said she felt just like I did…she had a healthy boy and girl, and when she was pregnant with her third, she just kept feeling like it was her turn for something bad to happen. That’s exactly how I feel! I’m so much more sensitive about medicines than I was with my other two…with them I would pop Tylenol like it was no big deal, but now I constantly worry if I have to take one. I know that just because I have two fantastic kids doesn’t mean that the next one won’t be just as fantastic. I know God doesn’t work that way. But I still can’t help worrying.

Nothing else really going on…we have a low-key weekend planned and I hope to get caught up on some sleep and hopefully finish a book so that I can tell you all about it!


Julie said...

I imagine it's only natural to worry but I"m sure everything will go just as well with baby (girl?) #3!

Have a nice weekend!

Sherry said...

I too feel it's only natural to worry. heck with your first child, well you really didn't know much, right? Then with the second child you had learned so much from the first and no doubt did things differently. Now with the third heck look at all you have learned. With knowledge does come worry, but it will be good.
Sorry you are having morning sickness too, ugh can't imagine. That is one thing that I never had, lucky huh?? :)
Hopefully with a laid back weekend it will put your daughter at ease and next week, a new week, will bring everything together and a routine will start with the nanny and your daughter.

Amy said...

I just found your blog via...I can't remember...I was blog surfing... : )

I think it's our job to worry...I remember worrying the most with the my third. I remember going to the doctor's around 20 weeks because I was having sharp pains...they asked me 'is this your first?" Hiding my face, I answered..."no, my third!"

I hope your morning sickness ends soon! Lemon Altoids...they do the trick! ;)

Kelly M said...

Oh I hope your morning sickness goes away soon! My sister-in-law is having her 3rd child and had extremely bad morning sickness..she never had it with the first two. If it is any hope for you..she is now almost 5 months pregnant and no more sickness!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Morning sickness. Or, in my case while pregnant with Morgan? All day sickness. I REALLY hope that leaves you real soon!! Very happy to hear you and baby are doing well....

Hope you guys have a nice, quiet weekend!!

Anonymous said...

It's normal to worry. I mean you'll be worrying for the rest of your life right?

One other piece of advice for you daughter. Maybe you should talk to her ped. for some advice. My girlfriend's doctor was a behavioral specialist and he gave them some tips and tricks to try. I know there biggest thing was to only reward positive behavior with attention. For negative things, they basically removed her from a situation and wouldn't let her return until she apologized sincerely. Basically she would keep coming in and apologizing until she actually meant it.
Hope it helps a little and hope the morning sickness abates.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... morning sickness! Don't remind me!! Had it with both my kids... and with both it was completely gone the first day of the 2nd trimester! How does the body know?!

I was the opposite of you, however... With #1, I wouldn't do or take ANYTHING. I even worried about taking Tums for my raging heartburn! And Tylenol?? NEVER!! With #2, I eased up alot! By the 8th month, I actually sat on a restaurant patio and ordered a beer! (It was summer, I was the size of a house... gimme a break!)

Anyhow, it'll ease up soon enough!! And then... you'll have a healthy baby #3! (By the way, are you going to find out the sex??)

Rachel said...

It is definitely always amazing to hear that heartbeat. Try not to worry so much, lol, I know that's hard to do. Things will be just fine.