Thursday, March 13, 2008

No More Daycare!!!

Today is the last day of daycare!!! Whoopeee! Today is the last day that I will have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to deal with very cranky and tired kids. Today is the last day that I will be late to work (although since I’ve been “late” for the past month, I don’t think it counts anymore…I think it’s my new start time).

I really don’t know how all of you who take your kids places do it…I really envy you. I feel like each morning is full of chaos and confusion for us. I’m sure after months and months a real routine would fall into place and it wouldn’t be so crazy, but I know the last couple of weeks for us have been insane.

The kids are a little sad. They will miss their teachers and their friends, and all the fun things they are doing in their classes. My daughter’s teacher is throwing her a party today, which I think is the sweetest thing. I will really miss the staff…they have been so super nice the whole time.

Our nanny is set to start on Monday and we’re ready for her! My daughter can’t wait to sleep in and to take naps in her own bed! With her shoes off (she informed me yesterday that there’s a new rule at daycare and they’re not allowed to take their shoes off during nap anymore…could you imagine sleeping with your shoes on??).

We’re looking forward to being able to have them stay up with us again. We have really missed the extra hour or two we used to get with them each night. It’s been hard eating dinner and then getting ready for bed, but they were always so tired, so we had to.

I really hope this is the end of our childcare nightmares, but with our history, I’m definitely not holding my breath. I know she’s very excited about doing this, and can’t wait to take them all kinds of places and do lots of fun things with them, so that makes me feel better. When we make it to 6 months I think I’ll breathe a little easier :)


Sherry said...

ALL RIGHT!!!!!! I know what a huge relief this is for you, imagine a normal morning again huh? And the most important is the extra hours each evening spent as a family, so very important.
You seem to have great vibes about the Nanny so that in itself is a huge plus. The kids also seem excited about staying home.
Sweet of the daycare teacher to have a party, that is awesome. And not to be a downer, honest I so want this to work out, but~~~~ If for some reason down the road the Nanny has to stop, you know you all like this daycare the kids have been in, so see , it's like a back up, so shouldn't be any more nightmare child care problems for you.
Oh come Monday morning after your awesome week end, it will be great huh???
And heck no, how can you sleep with clunky shoes on? Shoes and I so don't go hand in hand, I love being barefoot! So didn't like the law "no shoes, no shirt, no service" when it came out. Oh wait shirt, fine, I always keep mine on, :), but hey shoes, nope, want them OFF!

radioactive girl said...

When I was in college, I worked in a daycare and it always SHOCKED me that they told the kids to sleep with their shoes on. It made wake up time less stressful since they were already ready to go outside or whatever, but seriously? It bugged me so much that I would tell the kids to go ahead and take their shoes off.

I'm so happy you can get back into your normal routine with the kids soon! I will think good thoughts for the nanny working out well for you!

Amy W said...

I guess I never thought about the shoe thing...I guess my kids are used to it!

And yes, we absolutely have a routine. Plus, since Ray takes them to daycare, they get up when they want in the morning. They just have to be there by 8:45am because that's when Ashley's class starts the lessons for the day.

ChrisB said...

Good luck for next week, I'm sure that you will have lots of good things to tell us about once the new nanny gets settled .
Leaving shoes on to go to sleep is just not acceptable as far as I'm concerned~ however it's really nice that your daughter will be having a leaving party and the fact that your children have actually made friends and liked the teachers is a plus. You won't know yourselves next week with all the extra time to enjoy some family time.

Kelly M said...

OH YEAH!!! That is so awesome!! I'm so glad your nanny is finally starting! I hope all goes well for you...GOOD LUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be the last of your worries and everything can get back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping with your shoes ON? WTF is THAT about?! Ridiculous.