Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nanny Update and Bristol Picture

We’ve had the nanny for two days now, and already I have a seen a huge increase in my energy level at night. I wouldn’t think that getting them up and dressed and off to daycare would have taken that much out of me, but apparently it did because I’m not near as tired at night as I was the past month.

The past two nights have been spent just hanging out. I have read a ton of books to my daughter, played a lot of Wii with my son, and have just had an overall sense of peace. The kids seem so much happier as well, which of course is the most important change.

Yesterday they took the nanny’s daughter to dance class, and then they all headed to McDonald’s. Today I think they’ll be heading to the Library. I love the fact that they are able to get out of the house and go places.

My daughter is definitely testing this new nanny though…and I’m not really that surprised. We had to have a talk with her last night, and hopefully she got the message…whatever the nanny says, goes.

There are obviously some things that we’re adjusting to with the nanny, but I’m sure after a few days we’ll all understand the expectations and feel a lot more comfortable talking about things. She’s already told us so much about the kids, so at least I really feel like the lines of communication are open!

Of course I’m still not going to be overly optimistic until we reach the six month mark :)

Oh, here’s a picture of hubby and me at the race:
*Don't make fun of my Hello Kitty kept me very warm during that cold race!


Julie said...

I hope everything continues to go well with the nanny!

I'm impressed your husband was willing to carry Kitty around with him!

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping the nanny is the answer you've been looking for :)

You guys are so cute, I can't even stand it. Neither of you look old enough to have one kid, let alone two point two kids :)

And? He gets some serious Husband Points for carrying the Hello Kitty blanket around. Especially at a NASCAR race :)

Sherry said...

I love the Hello Kitty blanket and yeah I agree with the girls above, oh what a brave hubby you have , tee hee, now to me that's true love!! :)
It's good to know so far so good with the nanny!!! And knowing how much this helps you especially in the evenings, double good.
I believe she will be just perfect from day one to way beyond the six months mark.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the new nanny seems to be working out. As for testing, your kids are always going to test at first. The good thing is that you guys are standing behind the nanny and enforcing her rules.

You guys look so sweet. And I love the blanket:)

ChrisB said...

That seems like a good start with the nanny hope it continues to work out well.

Rachel said...

Hopefully this one will work out for you. You shouldn't have to stress out over childcare!

Cute pic!

Edie said...

Glad the nanny is working out so well!!

That Hello Kitty blanket looks very cozy!! :)

Kelly M said...

I'm so glad the nanny is working out and the kdis are having a great time!

Who would make fun of Hello Kitty! She rocks! I too agree with everyone else..points to the husband for carrying the blanket! :)

radioactive girl said...

First, great picture! You guys are adorable!

I am so happy the new nanny is working out. It sounds like they are having fun and I hope it continues to go well!