Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A September Weekend...

This past weekend was another good one :)
Friday night we hung around and played around the house until I had to run an errand and then get Kylie.  We’re normally so exhausted by Friday night that even though we don’t have anything planned and it should be a free night, it ends up being a nothing night just so we can catch our breaths!
Saturday morning John headed out with Josh for football practice, Ryan had spent the night over with my mom, so he was still over there, and Kylie, Colton and I loaded up to go and get Kylie a viola.  Now, I know nothing about string instruments.  I played the piano when I was little, and the flute in middle school and high school.  But Fourth and Fifth graders can participate in strings at school, and Kylie wanted to play the viola, so off we went!  Thankfully, it wasn’t bad getting her everything she needed, and for a *small* fee, we were on our way :)
After getting the viola, we rushed home and Kylie quickly changed and I made her some food and we headed out to gymnastics.  I dropped her off, came home and put Colton down for a nap, and then went out and helped John clean out my parents’ garage a little bit.  Then it was off to my photography class!
I love taking pictures, and thankfully, I have a wonderful camera.  However, I don’t know how to use my camera to the best of its ability.  And even though I love taking pictures, I just don’t have time to learn how to use it.  But I got a groupon deal a while ago for a photography class, and even though I was dreading being away from everyone for 3 hours (plus the ½ hour commute each way), I was excited to learn.  And learn I did!  I tell you I was exhausted after that class!  My mind hurt from trying to process everything she was telling us!
After the class I headed home and Kylie went to Rachel’s.  John and I took the boys to dinner and then to Rita’s for dessert.  Then the boys headed over to my parents’ to sleep and we crashed!
Sunday was church and then a little meeting after church regarding the nursery and us turning over some of the duties surrounding the baby room over to other people :)  Then it was playing outside and relaxing!  I was also able to hose out the strollers and high chair…they had gotten so gross!  Now the strollers are all ready for football games :)
So a good weekend, and Monday brought back the normal routine :)


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