Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Great Weekend!

What a fabulous weekend!
Friday night I just played outside with the kids when I got home from work.  John was in Bristol and there was nothing pressing we needed to do.  The bad thing was that I was so tired and just didn’t have any energy.  We were going to order pizza, but I decided to make BLTs instead.  I went in and cooked dinner while my parents watched the kids play.
After dinner my dad volunteered to stay with Colton while he slept and Josh and ryan and I went on a bike ride (Kylie was at Rachel’s).  Ryan has been really into riding his bike lately (thank goodness because I thought the kid would never want to learn how), but he hadn’t been farther than our court.  We wanted to go and check out the next extension of our bike path, so I walked/jogged by Ryan while Josh rode ahead.  I was so proud of Ryan – he made it all the way up through the new phase of the neighborhood, down the new bike path, and then through the dirt where they haven’t paved yet (I was pushing him there).  It was a fun activity and I felt a lot better afterwards.  That night, Josh and Ryan laid in bed with me for a while watching TV, and then Ryan wanted to go up to his bed, so I took him up.  Josh fell asleep with me watching the Bears game :)
The next morning Colton let me sleep until 8:00, which was nice.  We got up and played around the house and I decided that I was going to be brave and take all of the kids to the pool.  Thankfully for me, my dad volunteered to stay back with Colton so he could nap.  So Josh, Ryan, my mom and I headed out to get Kylie and head to the pool.  The kids had a blast playing and it was good to be in the sun again!  We were there from 11:30 until about 3:45 (with Ryan going home during that time for a nap) – a great afternoon!
When we got home, I got ready and then got the kids ready and when my sister got there, we all (including my parents) headed over to Easton for dinner, shopping and playing in the fountains.  I was worried about Colton because he hadn’t napped all day!  My dad had laid him down a couple of times and I had tried right when we got home, but nothing!  He didn’t even fall asleep on the ½ hour drive over there (but the two older kids did!).
We had a great dinner at Abuelo’s and my sister was able to get the items she needed from the Container Store.  Colton was amazing!  He was in a great mood and ate a good amount of my enchiladas!  Then we walked through the mall area over to the fountains.  Josh, Ryan and Colton ran through them.  It was getting dark and I thought it was very chilly, but the boys didn’t mind :)  After they were done, we changed clothes and went to Barnes and Noble for some books.  The kids had a great time looking at books (Ky and Josh) and playing with the Thomas set up (Ryan and Colton), or “Thomas choo-choos” as Colton calls them :)  After that we went home (again, Colton did not fall asleep in the car!) and the kids crashed into bed at 10:00.
Sunday morning we got up and went to church.  It was weird being there without John.  After church we came home and three of us took a nap (Colton, Ryan and me :) ).  Then it was off to the grocery store and came home to John being back!  We only got a couple of hours with him because he had to go and start the move of his office :(  But we had a great dinner of burgers and corn on the cobb!  Then it was homework and bed time for kiddos!
A fun weekend and of course, it was great to get John back!


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