Friday, September 23, 2011

She's Such a Fighter...

Kylie is known to fight and fight until she gets her way. If I tell her she can’t do something, she will argue and argue us about it until either 1.) we give in (not the best solution, obviously) or 2.) we punish her for not stopping the arguing.

She’s most known for fighting to play with her BFF Rachel. She will ask if she can go to Rachel’s house, and if we say “no,” there will be so many reasons and arguments as to why she should be able to go. I’m such a stubborn person, that usually, her arguments make me more mad and I don’t usually give in…I know what kind of trouble that can potentially lead to as she gets older.

Wednesday morning was no exception to her arguing…she was sick (which she never is) and I told her she needed to stay home from school. She was upset! She kept begging me and begging me to let her go to school. I told her that it wasn’t fair to the other kids and that she needed to rest. I left the house, knowing she was mad, and sure enough, about 10 minutes later I get a call and she’s begging me to go. I tell her “no” again and we hang up.

Just as I’m pulling into work she calls again. She argues about how she’s feeling better and that she needs to go to school. I’m so exasperated and sick of arguing at this point that I give in and tell her to go to school. My daughter won the battle.

She could have been fighting for worse things, and I figure if this is the type of stuff I cave on I will do an OK job at this parenting thing :)

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Sherry said...

Oh Kylie is growing up so fast and yes showing all the signs of a typical girl!! Seems girls argue more than the boys and trust me there will be times you do give in, just easier that way. But being the strong and great parent that your are, as is your hubby, you will know when to stick to the "NO" so don't worry if she gets her way or not. You know she won't "get her way" when you know it's best that she doesn't. mmm did that makes sense? I hope so, I know what I am trying to say but to me I don't know if I got the point across. :) more coffee needed I guess!! Have a great day!!