Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fun Fall Activity...

Anyone that knows me well knows that I really don’t like fall. 100% of the reason that I don’t like fall is because it’s getting colder…my ideal temperature is in the 80’s, and I will not complain if it’s in the 90’s…I like it hot! So because I don’t like fall, I usually resist fall-like things…warm drinks, fall colors, fall smells, pumpkin anything, etc. Now I like those things individually, but as everyone else is diving into all of those fall activities, I’m pushing them all away with all the strength I have. And what is worse is that I live in a city full of people that LIVE for fall and the changing of the seasons. I’m seriously one of the very few that is not a fan…

But there is one fall activity that I look forward to every year, and for a while, I didn’t think we’d get to do it this year because we were supposed to be out of town every weekend…apple picking. We loaded up the kiddos (plus Kylie’s friend Rachel) and headed out to go apple picking late Saturday morning. We got there around 11:30 and the kids all got busy picking. I pushed Colton in the stroller and actually did not pick a single apple because I was taking pictures the whole time and just enjoying watching John and the kids have fun. I’m not sure how many apples they ate, but I know every time I saw them they were eating :) After we were done picking, we went up to the building and got some apple crisp mix and some awesome salsa!

After we were done with the apples, we headed on down the highway and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. It’s a place that my friends and I go twice a year when we go scrapbooking. I absolutely love the place and the kids all really enjoyed it too (John could take it or leave it, which makes me wonder if he’s alive). After lunch we stopped at a local ice cream stand that my friends and I also go to and I got my favorite – a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.

After that we headed home, and I did some work around the house, talked with the neighbors a little, and then made meatloaf and apple pie for dinner/dessert. It was a fabulous day and the food was amazing. Days like that help me to tolerate fall a little better :)


Sherry said...

Oh yum, those apples looks awesome!!! Over here we mainly have the yck ones I so miss a good ol NY or East coast apple, but my cousin is sweet, went apple picking and mailed me a box can't wait to sink my teeth into one of those!!!
Anyway I am with you still want summer, I so need more pool time, but we have to face it, FALL IS HERE!!!
You started it out perfectly though at the orchard, having lunch, ice cream yum for the topping only I like the cherry topping on mine :) Perfect day ending w/ fresh apple pie, oh my mouth is so watering!!
I love hearing about your days and the pictures, priceless to say the least. You are such a beautiful family!!!!!

Kellie said...

Living in Upstate NY, Fall is something that comes on far too soon. While I do love Fall, this year? Not so much. I'm not ready for the tan to fade or the cute dresses and strappy sandals to be packed away. I don't want to be cold and for the love of God, I HATE socks! I have to wear them soon because it's COLD! Gah!

Great pictures, as always! You look fantastic!!