Monday, September 12, 2011

Colton Turns 8 Months Old...

Colton turned 8 months old yesterday (on 9/11…strange). I just can’t believe how fast the time has gone by…wasn’t he just born???

Right now he is exhausting me by constantly moving! He still can’t sit on his own for any longer than 5 seconds before he topples over (and back), but that kid has decided that he wants to move! He has never made any attempt to get up on all fours to crawl, but when he’s on his belly, he will stretch his little arms and legs out, use his little toes and knees, and push himself wherever he wants to go. It started out slow…it would take him a while to get anywhere, but now, he’s there in a blink of an eye!

Because of this, we need to remove all little toys (which is so hard for Ryan to understand and remember to do) and watch places like the bottom shelf of our coffee table, which is where Colton likes to pull the kids’ games off of and try to open them. He is a rolling, scooting on his belly machine :)

As far as eating goes, he’s a pig! Nursing him just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore…I usually feed him, and then he’ll want to eat again an hour or two later. When he eats jar food, he will eat at least two of the stage 2 jars, if not three! He loves everything we have given him so far…applesauce, bananas, peaches, green beans, corn and sweet potatoes (all of my kids’ favorite), broccoli and chicken, peas, yogurt, and everything else! He’s getting really good at picking food up off his tray and eating it, so we’re able to give him some of the baby snacks, broken up, and he will entertain himself eating them. We’ve been slowly starting to introduce some table food as well…he had some pancake when we had pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, part of a tater tot when we were out to eat and he had a little bit of a cookie when I was baking cookies this past weekend.

As far as sleep goes, he’s still a pistol! He takes great naps…we can still just lay him down with his paci and one of his special blankets (the large, breathable swaddle blankets), sometimes we turn the music on but not always, and he’ll go to sleep. But during the night he’s still getting up every 3 – 4 hours, which is taking a toll on me, that’s for sure! But I know that it will be over when he turns 1 at the latest since I’ll wean him then :)

He is babbler as well! And a loud one at that! He has a lot to say and will make sure you are listening to him :) He watches in fascination when I say “momma,” and I know he’s trying hard to say it. I’ve noticed when he’s really hungry and I’m getting ready to feed him he’ll keep saying “mmmmm” in a whiny voice, and I think he’s trying to say “momma” :)

Overall he is fitting into the family so nicely! The kids love him more and more each day and love finding out what they can do to get him to smile at them. The only complaint I have is that he is not sliding into the “4th child position” very easily. He is a very needy and demanding baby! He doesn’t care that I have three other kids to take care of as well! But that’s OK…I keep hoping that because he’s keeping me on my toes, it will help shape his personality later on in life and he’ll be just as demanding and hard working as if he were the oldest child :)

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Sherry said...

Just look at that precious lil guy!!! And 8 months old all ready, so hard to believe, time does fly by.
You have described him so well I feel I am right there with you, picking up the lil toys, running to catch him as he scoots around, and enjoying him as he is learning new foods etc. I just love watching your children grow up. I do hope you are printing all your post and putting them in books for them to have when they are older. You are great at this writing , don't ever stop!!!
Love his pics he is just so adorable and oh those beautiful eyes!!! wow