Monday, February 21, 2011

Update on Colton...

Unfortunately Colton didn't show enough improvement when we were in the observation unit so they admitted him to the hospital last night. His test for RSV came back positive, while the whooping cough one was negative. We are in the infectious disease unit with a nice big room with our own bathroom and a decent TV, so we really can't complain :)

Last night was a good night for the little guy, but now he's fussy and coughing again :( We're hoping to go home today, but we'll have to wait and see what the doctor says.

The most encouraging thing throughout all of this is seeing how much love and support our friends and family are offering. The number of people praying for us and Colton is amazing, and I can't believe how many people have said to us "what can I do to help?" We have people offering to come and sit with him if we need a break, to bring us anything we might need, and just coming to hang out with us. I'm excited because my sister actually works here and will be stopping by for a visit sometime today (she also came by last night for a while).

So we wait and see, and hopefully Colton is through the worst of this and will be able to go home soon!


Kelli said...

I hope he feels much better soon and comes home fast. Support is so great during times like this.

Kim3278 said...

I keep waiting for an update. But in the mean time know we are praying and can't wait to have the little guy home:)