Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not How I Thought I Would Be Spending My Weekend...

Josh and Ryan have both had bad colds, so when Colton started coughing last Sunday I didn't think anything of it (other than feeling really bad for my poor little guy). All week he has had this horrible cough, and he gets in coughing fits where he can't stop, and he's choking on mucus. His eating and wet diapers have slowed down tremendously as well. So yesterday I called the doctor and they told me to bring him in. The pediatrician listened to his chest for a long time and told me that she wanted me to bring him down to the ER because she was concerned that there was the beginning of pneumonia and he had lost 6 oz from the previous week. So I went home and got John and the kids and we headed downtown.

Since he has a cough and it could be whopping cough, we got in fairly quickly and given a room so that we could be separated from everyone else. We sat in that little room for about an hour and a half without anyone besides registration coming in. The kids were going nuts and bouncing off the walls, nevermind the fact that it was 1:30 and we still hadn't eaten lunch yet. Finally, around 1:45 there was a knock on the door and I thought the doctor was finally going to come in...WRONG! It was our neighbor! She said she was taking the kids for us. I swear that was one of the sweetest things ever done for us! My parents happened to be in a work-thing all day, so we really thought we were stuck with them. So they left and shortly after doctors and nurses started coming in. We saw a nurse who goes to our church, so she came in and talked to us for a little bit, and then another surprise, our pastor knocked on the door! It was nice during this time to have so many people surrounding us with prayers and love.

They decided that Colton needed an IV and tested him for RSV. That came back negative at 6:30 and they said that we needed to stay overnight with him in the observation unit. So we packed up our stuff and moved over to a nicer room that was bigger, had TV, and most importantly, cell phone reception!

The kids stayed with my parents and John and I both stayed with Colton last night. He went back to the coughing fits which stunk, but the nurse was able to suction out a lot of gunk numerous times throughout the night. This morning I headed over to watch Kylie's gymnastics meet while John stayed with Colton.

Right now we're just waiting on the results of the whooping cough test and the other viral tests to see if we can go home or have to stay another night.

He's being a good sport throughout the whole thing and doesn't really cry too much. It just breaks my heart to hear him cough and see his IV in his arm :(

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Kim3278 said...

Thinking of you friend! I hope Colton is able to get home soon. PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do for you!