Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend...

This Valentine’s weekend started with Kylie’s class party Friday afternoon. John and I took Josh over there and it was so much fun! It was relaxed and it was so neat seeing all of the Valentine’s boxes. John and I helped Kylie make a Nintendo DSi box, and I think she had the best box by far! She was so proud because she had helped so much with the cutting and gluing and painting.

After her party I worked from home until it was time to get ready for our dinner out. Our house church had decided that for Valentine’s day we would all go out to dinner together, instead of having our normal meeting. So we still had the baby-sitter come over, and everyone came and dropped their kids off, and then we all headed to the restaurant. We had a great dinner! It has been a long time since John and I had been out with friends with no kids. Friday night all of the kids spent the night at my parents’, and the house was eerily quiet!

Saturday we watched my nephew, so all the kids had a lot of fun playing together. I took Kylie to gymnastics, which gave me some time to get some work done which was nice. The rest of the day was spent doing miscellaneous chores and keeping the kids fed and cleaned up :) My dad took Josh and Ryan to a train show which they loved! Ryan is really into “choo-choos” right now, so he especially loved the trip.

Saturday night John and I took Kylie and her BFF Isabella out to run some errands and then to Subway for dinner (their choice :) ). It was a lot of fun hanging out with just the older girls.

Sunday was a busy church morning, followed by laundry and relaxing. Throughout the day the kids opened different Valentine’s Day presents – first from my parents, then from John’s parents and then from me. I got Kylie some of her own acrylic stamps and blocks (because she always uses mine), for Joshie I got some envelopes and sports stickers, and I got Ry-Ry a Thomas coloring book and crayons. All of the kids got some candy too :) The day ended with Kylie and I scrapbooking and then snuggling and watching Supernanny.

Onto another super busy week…only 1 ½ more weeks to go!!


Anonymous said...

That's it! I'm totally coming to spend my weekends at your house :)

Sherry said...

That Valentine box is totally amazing!!! WOW you all did a fantastic job on it.
Sounds like another perfect week end at your house. So great to know there is the "All American" family still left in the world, You all just put a smile on my face all the time.