Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Wednesday Night...Really?

This week is flying by…surprise, surprise!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday night already. I feel like it was just the weekend…

Our nights have been spent making dinner, eating dinner, baths, playing (lots of Wii and DSis) and then bed. Lather, rinse repeat for each day. I swear by the time I think I might have a second to catch my breath and relax for a minute, I realize it’s 9:40 and I really should get myself to bed (although at that point I find something else that needs to be done and then I don’t get to bed before 11:00).

Last night was nice because we found out that schools were closed around 9:00, so Kylie got to get out of bed and come snuggle with me and watch Supernanny. I haven’t been able to do that with her for a while, so it was nice. Each night Kylie and John have been working to get her Valentine box ready for her party on Friday…they’re making a DSi box :)

I’m super busy at work…we file in a couple of weeks. I have been working tonight after Ryan and Kylie went to bed. I can’t wait until this craziness is over and I can take a day off!

John and I were supposed to go skiing this weekend, but because of something at church, we’ve postponed our trip. I’m bummed, but at the same time it will be nice to get some things done that need to be done…John and I need to look at washers and dryers and we need to pick up a new Sunday school lesson plan.

OK, off to bed now…or at least try to make my way up there :)


Anonymous said...

I guess it makes me old when the thought of picking out a new washer and dryer is total excitement :)

dearsmashley said...

When you are super busy like you are the time does fly by. I am always glad to see your post , no matter what though. I worry when you don't post always thinking something is wrong, but yeah that's just the way I am. I do realize everyone is busy and posting at times just isn't possible!!!! But hey I am allowed to worry about the ones I care about, right?? :0
Snow day huh? Seems we are the only ones in the entire country that are having okay weather, I will keep ours!!
Have a great day and good luck getting your washer / dryer. there are so many to choose from out there!!!! Me I love that new mm electrolux I think it is.

Anonymous said...

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