Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow, More Snow, and Even More Snow!

The snow continues! Over the past two weeks, our offices have closed early three times. This NEVER happens! Today, as has been the trend lately, the roads have been perfectly clear going to work, and I sit in my office and occasionally look out the window every hour or so and all of a sudden it will be snowing like crazy. Today it came on really quickly and added up fast! Our office closed at 3:00, and it took me an hour to get home. Thankfully, John drove over to my office and switched me cars because my car is horrible in the snow.

Once I got home I played with Ryan and then got some work done. Kylie’s school is already closed for tomorrow. I really hope the roads aren’t too bad for my drive in tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

I'm SO jealous of all the snow everyone but us here in NY are getting. We have grass. GRASS. In February! In Upstate-ish NY! INSANITY!!

Be safe in the morning :)

Sherry said...

So glad you got home safe and sound , and you guys have gotten a ton of snow this year. But hey the bright side, you get to spend more time with the family.!!!
Watch the weather and stay safe!!