Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was a ton of fun! Friday night started with our house church, but it was a special house church because I was picked to participate in a Digiorno House Party, which meant I got a bunch of free pizzas, beads for everyone to wear, a pot holder, a pizza cutter, and a bunch of great coupons to give out to everyone. The pizza was awesome and I had a lot of fun participating in a House Party.

Saturday started off with some cleaning up, and then I went to the gym for the first time in about 2 months. After that, John and Josh headed down to an OU basketball game, and my dad took Kylie to gymnastics for me so that I didn’t have to worry about trying to entertain Ryan while watching her. It was great because that’s around Ryan’s nap time, so he went to sleep, and I was able to clean up my scrap room and finally get everything put away from my scrap weekend. My sister was coming over to work on wedding invitations, so I knew I wanted it to be all cleaned up.

Around 2:00 my sister came over and we went to work…my parents watched Ryan for me so that I didn’t have to worry about him getting into stuff :) We worked for about 3 hours and finally came up with two gorgeous options, just a little different from each other. Thankfully, my sister had come over with a catalog of professional invitations, so she picked her favorite and we copied it. And I have to say, ours looked almost identical to the professional one! We just added a couple of “extras” to ours. She was going to take both options home and see which one Big Josh liked (we just couldn’t decide which one we liked better).

After that we headed over to the mall to eat dinner and look at some flower girl dresses. We were going to Cantina Laredo, and the wait was about an hour, so we went to look at dresses. Unfortunately, Kylie wore shoes she had never worn before, and by the time we got to the dress store, she had a gigantic blister on her foot. I knew I couldn’t carry her the whole way back, so we bought her some new shoes (ugghhh! $68 I was not planning on spending! But they had a BOGO ½ off deal, so I couldn’t pass it up).

Dinner was absolutely wonderful! The food was so good! After that we were all beat, so we headed home to bed.

Sunday, after church, we just stayed home and played. It was rainy and yucky outside (which stunk because it was supposed to be 55 degrees, which of course feels like summer to us). Kylie’s best friend came over, and we all just hung out. That night, after the kids were ready for bed, we all played the new Super Mario Brothers game on the Wii. I’m not a video game person – I never had a system growing up, but I definitely have fun with this game because we all play together, and if one dies (usually me), the others can bring you back to life. The funny thing is that Ryan is obsessed with the Wii. He walks around with a remote every time he is in the playroom, and he will walk over to the TV, point at it, and say “iiiii” emphatically (he just doesn’t have the “w” down yet :) ). He turns on the TV if you’re not paying attention to him, because he wants to watch someone play Wii. And don’t even try to take his remote away from him! He knows which remote he likes (some of them are rechargeable, and he doesn’t like the backing on those, and he remembers if the one he is holding has the string or not). He will scream and cry if you take his remote away – scream like he is hurt.

And then last night was a packed night as I took the kids to the mall and got Ryan new shoes. Last evening was a perfect example of one of the many reasons I love having a nanny. The mall is on my way home from work, so I would have had to go home, load the kids up, and head back out. But instead, I just asked Jen to meet me at the mall with the kids (it’s also on her way home). So I saved myself a good 45 minutes, and was able to run in and get Ryan’s shoes, and then John met us at the gym and we got to work out, and then he took the kids home for baths while I ran to the grocery store really quickly. We ate a quick dinner when I got home, and then Kylie and I started reading a really great book…The Magic School Bus and the Senses, I think it’s called. Anyway, it’s a really good book about senses and how our eyes work. In 20 minutes we only got about 1/3 of the way through it (and I was the one reading!). We were trying all of the “eye” experiments and having a lot of fun.

Then Kylie went up to bed, and Josh and Ryan and I went downstairs to play some Wii. First Super Mario Brothers, and then some tennis. Then Josh and John watched the basketball game and Ryan went to bed.

It really was a wonderfully Monday night, even though it was so busy!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me now that I have a family that nights like these are far, far more appealing to me than when I was childless and in my 20's.

Glad you guys had a great weekend :)

Sherry said...

Dang you have been busy, but in a fun way. You certainly did accomplish alot in a few days huh? Glad the invitations have been dwindled down to one. So creative aren't you, which is a good thing.
I so enjoy reading about all you do cause it always always involves family time and I love that. To me a family that "prays and plays" together, stays together.
Haha got a kick out of Ryan with the Wii remote, go Ryan!!!! :)

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Kim3278 said...

Im so jealous. I have been trying to get involved with one of those parties FOREVER!!! Sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the invite.