Monday, December 07, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Another fantastic weekend that ended too quickly!

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Friday evening my sister called me and said she was at the bridal salon and had found another dress that she liked better than the one she had picked out. So I ran over there and looked at it…definitely gorgeous and definitely made her happier! After that I rushed home for house church. Yet again, a fun evening with friends! I love that my hectic, stressful weeks end with a night with good friends and food :)

Saturday morning was a lazy morning. The kids played, and while Ryan went down for his morning nap, I actually laid on the couch for about a minute! Unfortunately, right at that time Kylie informed me that she was hungry for lunch. So I got back up and made everyone lunch :)

After Ryan’s nap, my mom, my dad, and the kids and I headed over to our town’s holiday festival. John’s company was doing a picture booth like they always do, so he was already there. This year it was nice having my parents there because the past few years they have been busy, and it has been just me navigating three kids through the absolute chaos!

The first thing we did was we went and saw Santa (I love this because we never have to go see a mall Santa because this Santa is awesome, takes his time, and we get great pictures!). Ryan of course screamed, which is good because I love that screaming Santa-picture! After Santa, John took the kids’ picture, and then we headed to the next room and did all of the crafts. The kids really have fun at this event each year…it just stinks because it’s so crowded, and there are so many small children and strollers, and no room to walk.

After we were done, we headed home and everyone took a nap :) After our naps we made some Christmas cookies and ate pizza. It really was a good Saturday! Sunday was church, and then grocery shopping and then just hanging out at home. After we cleaned up the playroom, the kids and I played a game of I Spy (the board game). If you have young kids I highly recommend this game…Josh and Kylie can play this equally well, and even I have a lot of fun playing it with them! Now it’s back to the grind of the week and stressing about getting everything done for Christmas. I’m about 60% done with my Christmas shopping and I’m waiting on a ton of packages to arrive. Once those get here, I hope to get some major wrapping done and hopefully be completely done the week before Christmas. That’s the goal anyway :)


Sherry said...

Those pictures are fantastic!! Love the screaming Santa pics too, everyone has them :) they are great. Your children are so precious.
Sounds like you had yet another great weeekend!!!
Me, still plugging away at decorating, but hopefully will make more headway today!!
Have a great day!!

Kim3278 said...

I LOVE the pics! Screaming Santa pics are soo good. I wish I had some! I am happy my kids do well with Santa..but in my subconscience mind..I want screaming Santa!